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  1. Split SMS Question

    I just prefer the splitting because I don't like to keep my data on a lot because for 1 it drains battery and for 2 the MMS may not take much data but background apps do especially in Lollipop and etc. The SMS splitting on my S4 isn't a Touchwiz thing or a setting but it is on AntaresOne's Cm12.1 ROM. When typing a long message on the S4 it just says a character count and when it goes over 160 it just says /2 or however many messages it is split too. I have tested Textra so far and it splits but the person never received parts on the message so it is unreliable. I would really like to try the modified Messenger APK for Nexus 6.
  2. Split SMS Question

    I really like Google Messenger so its sad I won't be able to use it. @dBuster and yes on my S4 it splits them no problem but with Google Messenger on the Nexus it converts to MMS when over 160 characters which also requires the person receiving to have their data on. Emojis also take up more than the normal amount of characters so if you use those it eats the 160 character count quick. It is sad if you are in an area with no data connection or the other person is too. Typically if I am sending a message that long it is important.
  3. Split SMS Question

    I was wondering if there was a way to enable split SMS for the Nexus 6, I dislike having to have data on all the time in order to send 160+ character messages and/or emojis. Does anyone know of a way to send split SMS my US Cell S4 running CM12.1 splits them fine from Google Messenger but my Nexus requires a data connection.
  4. I ended up updating to 4.4 a littl while back, I tried flashing twrp but it would never work, I am on ND1 bootloader now
  5. Can anyone help somehow?
  6. did nothing
  7. yes just did
  8. i did that before a flash to stock. i'm on the stock rom now and i have service just no data. no option for ruin/sim or nv
  9. I have been running the unofficial Carbon Rom 4.4 for weeks with no problems at when suddenly i was using my chrome browser and i lost data. I tried rebooting, didn't work. Tried reflashing the rom and when i did i lost service AND data. At this point i started restoring to backups and none of them worked. I tried clean flashing back to other roms and new roms and none had service. I restored my apns, *228'd everything. I odined back to stock and got service back when i turned on my data it went 1x, 3g, 1x then went away and never came back. Not sure whats going on or how to fix it. Could someone help?
  10. No i didn't, that was just his original post on cda for sprint phones. You really don't need it for us.
  11. After installation:Settings>Themes>Choose Miui Dark Theme Settings>About phone>Tap Build Number 7x to unlock Dev Options Want a faster UI response? and smoother icons, etc...Settings>Developer options>Force GPU RenderingSettings>Developer options>Force 4x MSAA I have built MiBox for the follow phones:D2VZW, D2TMO, D2ATT, D2USC Anyone interested please point then to their phone in the build if you want the direct link:Phone build will always be labeled as follows:Rom Name_version_DEVICE_CODE.zip More to come...
  12. I AM NOT THE DEV OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS ROM. I am just posting on here so you guys can enjoy! Give thanks to Darklichny at xda for this! NOW WITH CUSTOM HALO COLORS IN ROOTBOX SETTINGSFreeza's System Updates: MUSIC AND EFFECTS ARE FIXEDThis is an upstream issue that will affect subsequent Rootbox/CM10.1xxx Nightlies until the devs merge proper fixes, it is apparently a known bug...I have fixed music playback for my builds, all builds except the 1.09 build Fully working halo.... (Now with THEMING) YOU MUST RESET TO STOCK UI IN HYBRID MODE TO INITIALIZE HALO Ported from (a newer build of this rom): send some love to bajee11 for his work... IMPORTANT NOTE FROM CYANOGENMOD FOLKS:There are a lot of questions about how/why CM10.1 moves your files to sdcard/0/ folder. This is to support multi-users. If you flash back and forth between CM10 and CM10.1 you'll end up with sdcard/0/0/..etc since the upgrade to 10.1 moves your folders into a new /0/. You can safely move your files out of /0/ back to your sdcard if you're on CM10, or back to the first /0 folder if you're on CM10.1. GooManager Support:check for, and install updates via included goomanager app... Android 4.2.2, SEE Thumbnails... MiHome Launcher Thumbnails... Recompiled Original Kernel (with some newer tweaks) Features: Based on JB 4.2.2 - Built from SOME RootBox Sources AOKP Features MIUI SETTINGS AND THEMING ENGINE CM Profiles Per App DPI Per App Tablet UI Per App Language OTA Updates - Goo Manager Navigation Bar Colour Camera: Save to external memory Phone: Advance Phone Settings (Vibrate on Answer, Every 45 Seconds, On Hangup and On Call Waiting) Phone: Noise Suppression MMS: Message rate alerts (Modify SMS message limit for alert) MMS: Fully Customizable MMS Theme MMS: Soft Keyboard Type (Emoji, Enter to Send, Enter for a New Line) Home button call answer (Accessibility Option) Variable size pattern lockscreen RootBox Settings Pie (Paranoid Android) LCD Density Changer Low Battery Warning (Pop-up & Sound, Pop-up only, Sound only, Off) Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys Disable Fullscreen Keyboard (Landscape mode) Expanded Desktop Hold Back to Kill CRT Animation (Screen On/Screen Off) Lockscreen Shortcuts (Paranoid) Lockscreen Targets (CM) Screen Security Features (Unlock options: Quick Unlock, Delay Screen Lock, Menu Unlock, Home Unlock) cLock (Chronus) Option to disable sound when adjusting volume Launch Music app on Headset connection Hardware Keys Remapping Lockscreen Hardware Keys Remapping Workaround for "twin" or NO lockscreen(s)... Go to Settings>Rootbox Settings>Screen Security(under Lockscreen)>Screen lock>(Set to None) (This should prevent the two lockscreens from fighting each other...) Then from unlocked main screen power off then quickly press power back on to restart the miui lockscreen... How to InstallComing from any other Custom ROM: 1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage) 2. Flash MiBox zip 3. (DO NOT FLASH GAPPS, THEY ARE INCLUDED) 4. Wipe Dalvik Cache 5. Reboot Coming from Stock Samsung ROM: 1. Root Phone - Get CWM/TWRP Recovery 2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset (This does not affect your Internal/External storage) 3. Flash RootBox zip 4. (DO NOT FLASH GAPPS, THEY ARE INCLUDED) 5. Wipe Dalvik Cache 6. Reboot How to upgrade from MiBOX versions: 1. Download Latest MiBox update 2. Flash MiBox update 3. (DO NOT FLASH GAPPS, THEY ARE INCLUDED) 4. Wipe Cache (Not Optional) 5. Wipe Dalvik Cache (Not Optional) 6. Reboot 7. LET ROM STAND FOR 2-3 MINUTES TO DIAL IN GOVERNOR, ETC 8. TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE FOR 1 MINUTE, THEN BACK OFF TO REFRESH RADIO 9. ENJOY If COMING from ROOTBOX versions: 1. Download Latest MiBox update 2. BACKUP YOUR ROOTBOX INSTALLATION(NANDROID IS YOUR FRIEND), AFTER BACKUP I WOULD DO FULL WIPE 3. (DO NOT FLASH GAPPS, THEY ARE INCLUDED) 4. YOU CAN TRY A DIRTY FLASH (I do NOT recommend this, there are some app changes i have made that may not play well with vanilla rootbox) 5. Wipe Cache (Not Optional) 6. Wipe Dalvik Cache (Not Optional) 7. Reboot Issues:You tell me Credits:Please hit the thanks for all of these dudes, they've made one hell of a rom Notorious (for the awesome port as always) HOW TO USE ADAWAY:(WEBSITE: Start App [Click Download Files and apply ad blocking] Choose REBOOT when it pops up Done. Audio Engine:zhuhangHis mod found here: If you wish to purchase/download the IRS samples: please go here: INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING THE AUDIO ENGINE: AOKP* Teamhacksung * The CyanogenMod Project* rovo89 - For his excellent work on Xposed Framework * Paranoid Android* DaXmax* Rodries * Pier* BigDenn - Logo, bootanimation and wallpapers* Bajee11 for rootbox he is amazing!! MIui Apps:Thanks to Apooonet for Porting Some of the MIui AppsMore to follow... KERNEL UPGRADES:(New release is up) Kernel+ Bleeding Edge 6/24/2013 Downloads:Version 1.01 Version 1.02 (New scratch-built Kernel with linaro tweaked toolchains for faster boot, better overall resposiveness) Version 1.02b (For those who may have had a wifi connect issue with 1.0.2 kernel) Version 1.03 (Now with moar HALO addon) Version 1.04 (Fully loaded with latest Gapps, fix audio issues, this is a LARGE download)[You can pull this with GooManager, but it is quite large] Version 1.05b (Miui music, other fixes, kernel) Version 1.06 (Textra MMS/VVM/Camera/Wifi_Tether/Other Fixes) Version 1.07 (New MMS build/upgraded camera/governor fixes)This build DEFINITELY issues with playing music, DO NOT FLASH THIS IF YOU WANT MUSICMD5: 0a0b0df5f7586e05d20337ba48544b56Short Link: Version 1.08 (Proper MMS/upgraded camera/governor fixes/FIXED AUDIO/MUSIC)Size: 272.89 MBMD5: 0b76f5b156a0a05b4a0991e6f1b11251Link: Link: New 1.08 build with new kernel New 1.09 build (New Source Build, other misc fixes, WARNING: newer CM10.1 source has HIGH MEDIA VOLUME (which does NOT lower via vol up/dn), I'm looking for a fix already)Size: 273.27 MBMD5: 9104389a8693e1f0dbef70ee048bf285Link: Link: 1.10 Build (MUSIC PLAYBACK IS FIXED, New Rootbox features, UI Fixes, begin adding MIUI Apps: Notes, File Explorer, DeskClock)Size: 278.54 MBMD5: 59aa78dc63a872175f22256637b40a0eLink: Link: 1.11Size: 282.68 MBMD5: 2799908550aec320c0640a583484da61Link: Link: 1.12 (New halo settings, no camera craziness, new launcher fixes for grid size)Size: 251.59 MBMD5: 0384a953acfbd17784de4af3019e8a8dLink: Link: You guys enjoy!
  13. MiBox v1.1 ROM

    its okay, i talked to the dev and he said ports for att and vzw are coming soon and he said he would look into porting it to USC and TMO/ I really hope he does because it is a great ROM
  14. MiBox v1.1 ROM

    mihome launcher is what i dont want, I want all the features from the rom not the launcher, I have tried porting it and the first time i did it i got has stopped constantly and the rest of the times it wont flash. I have never ported before but i have tried multiple times
  15. Would anyone be able to port miui v5?