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  1. Plastic cover loose by door flap on side?

    Thanks for the replys. Must just be the way that plastic back is put together to allow that little plastic door. The inner handyman in me wishes there was a little screw right there in the middle next to that flap to tighten I will learn to live with it i guess as this is the phone for me. I might check around online and the USC store for cases too (and check their floor models of the Elec. M for the same issue)
  2. Could those that read this post and own the electrify m please do me a favor? My electrify m has a spot next to the little door flap where you insert sim card/micro sd card that is a little loose. I'm curious if yours is like that too. The spot is right next to where you would lift to open that door. Essentially in the middle on that side. Just try and push a little on that area. Does it flex and kind of click like it is abnormally loose? Mine does, I just got it yesterday. So I have 14 days left to exchange it for another. Maybe I'm just being picky but I can feel that loose area every time I grip the phone. Just afraid it will get worse, and it is annoying me a tad too. Thank you to all who check and give feedback! Endless Google searches have not turned up anything like a big issue, maybe I just got a dud.