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  1. Moving to no coverage area

    We have been with US Cellular for 16 years, have 2 financed phones and 1 tablet on the 12G/14G stretch plan. The tablet contract ends in May of 2018. We are moving to an area of Washington state that does not have US Cellular coverage unfortunately. I know I have to pay off the phones but should I have to pay an early termination fee since we are going to a no coverage area? It is my choice to move but not my choice to change carriers!
  2. Email from us cellular

    I didn't get the email but have been with USC for 13 years. We have 2 lines, one was 12 months out and the other was 17 months out. Called customer service and was transferred to retention and since we were loyal customers they used all points (6600) and made both lines eligible on Sunday, went in Monday and got 2 new S4's. We had previously switched to shared data and signed new contract. To me all is Good!
  3. Lost all service

    zip is 65626 Caulfield Missouri, it is in both Ozark and Howell counties. Phone exchanges are 417-293 and 417-331
  4. Lost all service

    About 1:55 cst I was on the phone with my husband and we lost the call. Since that time we have no cellular or internet service, won't even send a text. Does anyone know what the problem is or how long it will be down?
  5. Used phones

    Does anyone know the best place to get a used smartphone and which would be the best starter phone? We are wanting to find one for my husband and it would be his first smartphone.
  6. 4G Expansion Info?

  7. My account info

    My account resets on the 20th,all minutes, messages and data reset to 0 on that date.
  8. My account info

    My account resets on the 20th,all minutes, messages and data reset to 0 on that date.
  9. My account info

    From back in the day when I had to worry about how many minutes we used on our 3 phones I check usage on a daily basis, we now have unlimited minutes but I still check the website daily for usage. Our account resets on the 20th of the month and it is showing that I have used 542 and 450 for my husbands line in 3 days and I know this is incorrect. I guess my main concern is if the minutes are wrong what about the data? That part I do need to keep pretty accurate track of! Any ideas of why minutes would be so off? My son-in-law is deployed and my daughter calls alot but I know we haven't used that much. I called the 611 number and all they told me was don't check it any more but if it is wrong it needs to be fixed. We have been with US Cellular for 12 years.