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  1. Any clue when we will be getting Android 7.0 Nougat for uscell S7 edge?
  2. S7 Edge or Note 7? (I'm on s5 now)

    All note 7 are being recalled with China being the only question mark as they used a different battery supplier. Called Us cell this morning and started the process....
  3. note 5 update tonight.

    141 megs update ( hope it does not break phone like note 3 update did). vr gear support better battery etc. We will see.. installing now hope I did right
  4. Note 3 Lollipop

    started the update with phone plugged in to power. during apps being optomzed the black square with lighten bolt came on. switched power sources and now have the battery graphic with 0% and green bubbles flowing from bottom of phone to 0% graphic. OH BOY
  5. Losing interest in the N3?

    I have note 3. Came over from Blackberry. Have the after kitkat signel issue. Have had one advance exchange and still can not make or receive calls in same areas my wife can with her s4 mini. Like in our livingroom. With winter coming in Wisconsin having to go outside to make or receive a call is not looking like much fun. Hoping against hope the 4.4.4 may fix this. This phone works very well at everything but as a phone.
  6. I just got the Note 4 thread

    My local U.S. dealer has no display and sold the last one just before I got there this am. I just love going to a different room to make or receive call as my wife on her S4 mini just stays on couch and talks away.
  7. Note 3 signal issues

    Got my replacement note 3.. looked like a new one... no sticker saying rebuilt. Better but not MUCH... roaming in livingroom when I can make a call.
  8. Note 3 signal issues

    Went to uscell and they reinstalled everything on phone. Still losing signal in house. Sometimes the locked screen shows both roam and home with time at the same time. Not happy having to go outside to make a call.
  9. Note 3 signal issues

    They replaced my sim card. That did not work. I know it should not but had to try. Then they wiped and reinstalled Kitkat. Same signal issues. Have to stand in my driveway to make a call cause I lose them in house. My wife has s4min and can make calls in house all the time without issues. grrr
  10. Note 3 signal issues

    How did you get to the use details screen. I am also having signal and roaming issues with my note 3.