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  1. nam setting.

    Do it. Im not the one Whos needs help. ever.
  2. nam setting.

    Lte sim must be active on verizon.. i find it funny that everyone is Still claiming im wrong. I do this everyday. And its quite simple. And btw. Just did another 5 i5's. Ios 6.1.1. Now has jailbreak. Its strange that the so called developers here are Still claiming my theories arent ccorrect... But anyways. This is Why i Removed myself from the topic.
  3. nam setting.

    Btw. Nexus ect. Mostblikely devices need root and simple apn changes to work Fully. Some work right away. Ill post Some links sometime. And ill also post my roms for diff devices and one touch root methods Without tthat dont make your yellow triangle pop up. Binary count stays on official even when on a custom rom. But anyways. Good day. Team usc needs to pay its developers. When that happens ill gladly put my name In there and start walking people through these tasks.
  4. nam setting.

    Ntelos originals launched w 5.1.1. Thanks.. every other carrier Was stuck waiting and ended up on ios 6. And btw. Did you know that all iphones are sold unlocked? It isnt until the carrier activates on their network that it becomes locked.. Which is Why they insist on activating. ..... and idk about your nexus But ive used that one too. Works fine. I can get anything working on usc basically. And all the lte devices on usc can be taken to other carriers w minimal effort. And Thats not me even mentioning cdma flashing Which is super easy im Only talking about lte devicess and sim cards. Im very suprised that this site has developers that Havent figured this s out yet. Idk What that Says to other people But to me it seems like a major lack of effort or intelligence...
  5. nam setting.

    Verizon sims work flawless. Full data and calls. All you need is root and a very lil bit if apn knowledge.
  6. nam setting.

    Im done w people telling me it isntnpossible. Dont even try to tell me it doesnt work unless youve tried yourself... everything ive stated i personally tried. So please Stop. Try the doo-doo for yourself or stfu simply put. Stop stating facts that you dont even personally comprehend. Mostblikely specs are wrong and all other info are mainly theories ... im done here. For anyone reading you May take the info ive put here and apply it. Every statement i made i personally Tested. But anyways.
  7. nam setting.

    Technically you are ccorrect. I do believe. Try to find a busted 4g lte verizon device and just usr that to activate over the phone after getting the sim card. Again. That is frowned upon but is a loophole
  8. nam setting.

    Btw everyone. Nevet do *228 unless your trying to activate In the Original phones carrier. And unfortunately i sold my i5 awhile back after Unlocking it. I sell devices constantly. But if i get another kne ill gladly post a screen shot. That Was an original ntelos i5 on ios 5.1.1.
  9. nam setting.

    Using someones sim is just to see if it works .. As far As a permanent solution, you can get a verizon account and an lte sim card .. on prepaid im not aware of anyone on the lte network. So verizon is essentially your Only choice. If wanting 4g. If out of country you will most likely just have 1x until you inject all the carrier settings. In the states id suggest just cdma flashing to a prepaid carrier of your choice. In my area im constantky flashing to ntelos Which is decent. Unlimited no throttle backs for 55. ..
  10. Not stating liopholes on a usc site. Sorry. Lets just say usc lte devices arent Technically locked yet. Even though they claim they are. Me personally, ive just been using my other devices on usc w my sim love my droid dna.
  11. Carriers want you to stay w them. Period. Keeping the devices on their own network aids that effort. As far As to the Unlocking. Id have to do more research. Ill ask sometime at work this week. Not wanting to be mean mr rubber. Just dealing w usc recently as a returning customer since they now have unlimited 4g. And they have already pissed me off enough to cancel. But anyways. I work on devices daily from all carriers. Most tasks that are deemed impossible are handed to me. Feel free to ask questions but if the answers are easily available via Google pleasee dont ask me .. reresearch is key
  12. Unlocking is now tricky. My company has hard their lawyers on it. The knly major us carrier allowing it is ntelos. Good luck getting anyone else to give consent. Though their are a few Technical loopholes.
  13. nam setting.

    Sim unlocking is illegal Without carriers consent As of last week. Lte sim cards require active accoubt w whatever carrier. Everything functional. The specs for axiom even Says its not dual gsm cdma But it is. .. so idk whats up. Try a friends verizon lte card. Or att. Sprints dont work. Basic gsm sims are tricky and require injecting apns. Again. Follow gsm3 apns settings. I promise it works. Ill grab a link when im back In front of a pc.
  14. nam setting.

    Tmobile simple mobile and Solavei all onlynhave 1x. All lte sims work great. Most working instantly. Someone needing root and apn settings changed. Youve already said it didnt work so im not providing proof considering all the usc techs ive encountered are ignorant chumps that swear lies. Test the theory yourself. I know it works. Anyine Whos wants to question it, root yiur device and try lte sim cards. It works.
  15. need some tether help (rooted user)

    Here again im seeing usc not address their problems. Yes you can swap sim cards all dayblong between lte devices. Fact. Ive worked on over 50 galaxy axioms and everything single one have this hotspot issue and i went into store and also made them activate 14 different ones proving my point and they Still wouldnt putting me In the next best device to fix the problems. I Was Still within 15 days on the new contract. So to answer your question. Im an employed developer, all axioms ive encountered have this issue.