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    I talked to them yesterday and they said it is only available in select markets at this time, but will be rolling out to more markets soon.
  2. Upcoming Promotions

    Is there any promotions coming up anytime soon? I am wanting to get a Samsung galaxy s8 or s8 plus. I am a current customer.
  3. I was just fooling around my account and noticed that it no longer says after a certain amount is paid on my installment I can trade in my working device. Is this something U.S. Cellular got rid of or is it just something no longer shown? I am on a Total plan. I'm also uncertain if this has already been discussed but I searched for it and nothing showed up
  4. New Retail Installment plans

    On USCC website it now says under installment pricing, price for 24months instead of 20months.
  5. New Promotions!

    I am a current customer on the 10gb plan for $70 a month. I talked to 2 representatives on the live chat on the website and I got two different results. The first one I talked to said they could do 2gb free for two months and I had to go into a store to do this. I chatted again with another rep and he offered me 5gb free every month for 12 months.
  6. I read on U.S. Cellular's facebook page that U.S. Cellular will activate an iPhone that is bought as unlocked from an Apple store or apple store online. I talked to someone on the live chat about it and they said no they could only activate an iPhone from Verizon and some other carrier. On Apple's website it shows that any unlocked iPhone can be used on any GSM or CDMA carrier. Does anyone know if I can activate it or not?