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  1. Unlock USC S3 to T-Mobile/AT&T - etc

    Well the S3 is compatible with the following BANDS: 850 900 1800 1900 LTE: I am not sure, It says I have LTE right now (I have my S3 on TMo.) Whether it is true or not is a different story. The S3 is considered international. SO LTE BANDS for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, h2O, etc should all work. I have not had any issues yet, I have: US Cellular S3 on T-Mobile. Working: > LTE > Internet > Calls /SMS > MMS > 3-Way calling > GPS (Both internal and network based) So it should work on any carrier with at least 3G Hope this helps you guys!
  2. Unlock USC S3 to T-Mobile/AT&T - etc

    Okay so I am currently posting from my S3 on T-Mobile. Bought from USCellular. Here is one solution I found best: After talking with tech support at USC for a good 5 minutes (including wait time mind you) I got my S3 unlocked in a day. Its actually very simple. If you call them and ask for the unlock, whether you are a current customer or not, they will give you the unlock FREE. Here is the catch: you have to go to a store to do it. Now for some that may not be the best option, but it is simple. In fact, they say on US cellulars unlocking policy that the S3 they sell is GSM based. NOT CDMA BASED. This is the best solution. Now, here is what I need from the community: I need someone that can give me information on reading and writing NV data on the phone, then I can work on making an S3 application to do the unlock for us without USC as a middle man. It is possible now. It can be done. I just need some help from you guys to make it possible for everyone! Who wants to join me?
  3. I wish I could tell you that I have tested it, but USC was just bought out here in chicago, so I no longer have a S3 for USC. I just moved to the S4 on Criket.
  4. Did you try the list of instructions in my previous post by chance?
  5. Try this really quick: Download: Steps to install: 1. Flash 2. Reboot 3. Flash 4. Reboot 5. Flash 6. Reboot Now you MIGHT see something more then a black screen! OR 1. Flash 004.then reboot 2. Flash 3. Reboot 4. Flash
  6. Hey, so Sprint bought out my contract from USC so now I have to move to them, I will not be able to make anymore builds on this. I will keep the downloads up for research, but I cannot continue with this. I am sorry guys...
  7. I am sorry to hear about that, hopefully soon I will have my S3 back so that I may test these with you.
  8. I would actually recommend the newest TWRP (recommended for 4.2/4.2.2 I believe?) Also, you should see a HUGE speed boost on my website since I upgraded my server.
  9. Hey, just realized something: You might need to used a newer Recovery to flash CM10.1 as it is 4.2 Error 7 is what that is reportedly from.
  10. 7/29/2013-1:26AM: >Third Build which is built directly from D2VZW Variant of Ubuntu Touch (Used a couple porting methods to finish this build since I am having trouble with syncing up the git repo...) Get the third build here:
  11. Just making the edits wouldnt work because you need to configure the kernel for ubuntu for USC. VZW would work except that you might not get video or cellular or something
  12. I am having trouble getting my laptop to sync correctly with git and such. does anyone know of a better tutorial for porting ubuntu touch?
  13. if anyone would like to join me tonight for a little bit via chat, I have WebChat on my site and will be on there for a little bit. Would love a buddy through all this.
  14. Okay got the second build up, but will keep working on this. I am determined
  15. Damn, well I am still trying to sync the ubuntu and CM d2usc repos from git right now. hopefully will have a build002 by tonight.