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  1. New Retail Installment plans

    Is the 18 month upgrade still in effect if I upgrade before the 8th? Can I get a new phone on an installment plan today and upgrade next November, or will I have to wait 18 months regardless?
  2. New Promotions!

    So the extra 2 gigs is only for 2 months? That sucks. Why are current customers treated worse than potential new customers? Also, just spill the black friday details already, I can upgrade anytime, so I want to know if they will be worth waiting a few weeks for.
  3. New Retail Installment plans

    I spoke to a sales rep that said around the middle of November the retail installment payments would be divided into 24 payments instead of 20, making the monthly payments lower. Has anyone else heard anything about this?
  4. Black Friday

    Any news on what the black friday deals will be this year?
  5. Price drop?

    Hopefully it does drop soon after the new nexi(?) are announced. I really wish they would just get a variant of the new moto x, but that seems unlikely.
  6. Price drop?

    Does anyone know when the price will drop on this device through us cellular? I would prefer to do a retail installment plan for it, but they still want $33 a month for it. That is the same as the note 5 which is a whole year newer.
  7. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    Thanks for the link.
  8. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    Can someone link to the directions to root after the jb update? I looked but didn't find anything.
  9. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    My concern is that I can disable tedc and have that carry over after updating. If it is already updated it sounds like I would be out of luck.
  10. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    Does anyone know if the new ones at the store already have jb, or if you would manually have to update after you bought it?
  11. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    Can you still disable certain apps after the JB update like you could with ICS? I mainly want to know if you can still disable the tedc app so you can tether without rooting the phone.
  12. New promo

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  13. New promo

    Thanks for the info. Any word on the unlimited family plan deal? I know it is only $99 for a limited time. Also, with the unlimited 4g, is 3g also unlimited if you are out of 4g range?
  14. New promo

    Any news on the promo starting after 2/15? My main concern is if the unlimited 4g and $300 switcher credit continue, and if there are any phone deals that will be better than current deals.