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  1. Unlimited on US Celluar

    I just signed up for the Total plans about a week ago as I wanted to replace my hotspot with the 4G router. I got the router for a penny, went to paperless billing/autopay to save $10/month, got a 15% discount for 2 years because of my employer. I upgraded my data for the router to the 10GB plan for $40 and went with the 6GB for the phone and I should save at least $50/month. My normal old bill was $157 a month and now it should be closer to $100 and no more data over charge. I don't have many choices for internet access and I am not going back to satellite. I did have the antique Android data plan on the phone with a $40/month unlimited local talk plan, I think it is the plan I had when I went from the HTC Touch Pro 2 to the Motorola Electrify
  2. Diamond "v"???

    I think I got VIP status through participating at their forum and beta testing. I was still using a 2 year old version on my Note 2 and put the new verison on the Nexus 6P and it isn't nearly as bad as some versions I remember- the ones that didn't have browse forum option
  3. Been a while since I posted here

    I entered my zip code and it said it wasn't available in my area so unless I lie about where I am, I probably won't be able to get a Sim from them
  4. My Note 2 is being a pain, when the battery gets below 35% it drops the network so I ordered a Nexus 6P and it should be here on Monday. Now I read this stuff about google fi and wonder if I should just sign up for that and cancel my USCC account for my phone when USCC is part of the network. I have been busy on Linux forums and I am a moderator at so that is part of the reason I haven't been posting much
  5. This might work
  6. Tapatalk 4.5.2 works better than the newer versions in my opinion
  7. LTE signal is quite the anal one! Let's not go there considering the threads topic
  8. I think the poster needs to convince whoever owns the land on that hillside to have a clear path logged
  9. Elementary is good. Kind of basic, but you can add just about anything you want since it's based off of Ubuntu. Is Elementary still using the 3.2 kernel?
  10. Does the Iphone have an app that will tell you what tower you are connecting to? I know when I went to see that chicken farm, I was connected to a tower on the other side of Spring Green with very slow data. I was surprised that I couldn't connect to Lone Rock but that might be blocked by the hills also. I wonder how much signal you can expect if you were 700 feet almost directly below a tower? The new tapatalk stinks
  11. Or at HonkersI am at least 7-8 miles from that tower and get good 4G signal but I can see it at night
  12. Must have a broadcom wifi card, for most of them you either need firmware-b43-installer or bcmwl-kernel-source to get them working. Some of the newer USB wifi cards are a nightmare, the model numbers start with WNA or WDNA and there isn't a linux driver for them and using ndiswrapper with XP drivers is a poor solution
  13. What wifi card, run this in terminal lspci | grep -iA2 net
  14. I was rooted and had plenty of included apps turned off and when I updated to 4.4.2 those same apps where still off even though I was no longer rooted
  15. That is nice, mine are all still generic