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  1. data roaming deal

    Interesting... the website still says 400MB. However, I was in Arizona last month and also in Northern Wisconsin, and ended up using about 450MB roaming data according to my data tracker app... I never noticed a change in my data speeds. Of course, that's not really saying much because I can sit in the same spot up north and one minute have full speed 3G and the next I have less than 1x speeds...
  2. Enhanced LTE

    Its a shame that manufactures removed the separate 3g radio a few years ago. There are large areas where even Verizon doesn't have 4G coverage... I know many people who have gotten lost because they got a phone call and couldn't continue to use their GPS in Northern Wisconsin.
  3. T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I used to have good data speeds when I was on Sprint with my Epic 4G while using Roam Control, but I think that was a combination of an agreement with Alltel and that the Epic 4G seemed to roam better on 1900MHz than my S6 does. Cellcom currently has an agreement with Verizon, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn that magically any other network connecting to their towers is throttled.
  4. Actually, if you CAN get the old version of YouTube to work on your new phone, I'd go for it... The new version actually breaks up long YouTube videos to show you ads MID video, like the desktop version now does.
  5. T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I've never had a problem with voice signals in the Crivitz/Lakewood area. Data is incredibly inconsistent, though. Despite it being a 4-bar area for CellCom. I'd be happy with a full speed 2G connection... 8-10KBps is plenty for the occasional email, web lookup, etc. Unfortunately, most of the time my indicator says 3G, my network ID app says I'm really connected at 1x. Gives me flashbacks to my Sprint days! I like the unlimited just because I like that I still have the unthrottled plan. I typically only use 4-6GB in a month. If FI could compete with Verizon, at least in 3G coverage, I think I'd jump at it. (Of course, I saw an article that says Verizon is starting to kick people off who use too much "extended network" data in the great plains states...
  6. Received SMS messages split up

    Yes, when roaming, MMS doesn't work reliably on USC. At least not unless you are on solid 3G/4G footing. If you're stuck somewhere where you have no data, MMS won't work at all.
  7. VoLTE rollout

    I find it interesting that the Note 5 is listed as compatible, but he S5 and S6 are not (which is BS, of course). And the S8 is not listed as compatible... Really?
  8. T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I'm kind've trapped with USC at the moment because I'm on the grandfathered unlimited from a few years ago...no throttling. You can't really find that anywhere, unless Verizon still has the "pay us an extra monthly fee and we'll remove the caps on your unlimited data" plan. I still wish I could do FI, but none of the networks they partner with have native service in Northern Wisconsin, so I might as well stick with USC and get 3G roaming vs FI's 2G roaming.
  9. Black Friday 2017

    I'm not sure anybody who knows comes by here anymore...
  10. S8+ Root, anyone?

    If I end up upgrading to an S8, I'll do it. Not sure if I'll just limp along with my S6 for a while, though... Its working relatively well, except for the camera lens that occasionally gets stuck and requires a tap on the screen to get autofocus to work... Does Netflix come preinstalled, or will I have to side load it since it no longer shows up in the Play store for rooted devices?
  11. Awesome. My contract (!) is up in a month, and I'm considering the S8. Not wanting to lose my legacy (not throttled for video) unlimited, I'm thinking of getting an unlocked S8 from Best Buy... Have you noticed any issues with the battery? In real life use, does it seem like it is truly only charging to 80%, or is it only a display error? I know I'll lose the ability to use Samsung Pay, but I have no interest in that, anyway. I'm more likely to have my wallet and not my phone than my phone and not my wallet!
  12. To switch or not

    I went with my wife to upgrade her S4 last night... I haven't been in a USC store since my last upgrade about two years ago. Wow... They are REALLY pushing the iPhones. I guess I didn't realize how little of a presence Motorola and LG have in those stores. They didn't have the Pixel or a Nexus device at all on display. My contract is up next month... Honestly, there's nothing out there that really wows me... I want nothing to do with the S7, and the S8 isn't really much of a leap as far as real world performance over the S6 that I have now. I'm not an iOS person at all, but honestly, I don't see any real-world difference in performance. The under the hood specs of the iPhone 8 seem much better, but unless you're a 14 year old playing intense FPS games on your phone, nobody will ever know it. If your devices are working fine, I'd suggest waiting until another generation of devices, or at least until the current generation comes down in price. There's no way there will be enough of a performance boost to justify spending $700-$1000 on the current crop.
  13. Unlimited on US Celluar

    I'm still on the grandfathered unlimited data plan, and I have yet to see any throttling. When I was traveling back and forth to La Crosse weekly, I was hitting 15GB pretty consistently. My main issue is the roaming speeds that are even worse than Sprint's. I just looked at Verizon's website, and I'm tempted to jump ship for their network. Except even if my wife and I go onto a shared unlimited plan, our monthly bill would go up by $20. Sadly, every year the disparity gets closer and closer to being worth $20...
  14. iPhones "preferred" on the network?

    For me, once you get to the 41/141 split north of Greenbay and head towards Crivitz, US Cellular goes away. Two years ago, even though I was roaming, I was still getting 3G speeds. Starting last year, even though it claims I'm roaming on 3G, I'm lucky if I get 1x speeds. Even Sprint gives my relatives full 1x speeds in roaming (~15KBs). On USC, I get 1-2KBs usually. Its gotten so bad that I've had to get a FreedomPOP hotspot in order to have reliable access to the internet. When I'm in the middle of the woods, I expect spotty and crappy data... but this even happens when I'm in town in Crivitz with full bars.