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  1. I have an S6 and Ulmited, and I have normal speeds (10-30Mbps depending on time of day/location). Of course, I'm on the OLD unlimited plan they offered 3-4 years ago... No "SD" streaming requirements AFAIK. I've always wondered why they throttle down to 2G speeds rather than 3G. With 2G, they might as well just cut you off completely. Data is practically useless at those speeds.
  2. Netflix says a minimum of 5mbps to stream in HD, which I can confirm.. A friend of mine had bottom-of-the-barrel cable internet of 5mbps, it he watched a LOT of Netflix. Just a little more buffering time.
  3. Its highly unlikely we'll get any custom ROM's for our version... Samsung's drivers for the custom processor are proprietary, and they haven't released the source. Somebody would have to completely reverse-engineer the drivers.
  4. I kinda wish somebody would... I use enough of my unlimited USCC data each month due to travel (at least its all on-network) to make it not worth the increased bill I'd get by getting a sufficient data plan on Verizon. And T-Mo/ATT have craptacular rural coveral in northern Wisconsin, so they aren't even an option to consider. Sprint... is Sprint. What am I going to do with 100MB of roaming data at 1x speeds?
  5. That would be my main reason to get it, if I were looking for a new-to-me phone at the moment. I never really realized how useful data+phone at the same time was until I couldn't use it. "Did I get your email, Boss? I don't know. Let me hang up, check, and then call you back."
  6. Yeah, I roam on Sprint 1x in Northern Wisconsin. I'm not sure if its USC or Samsung... Back when my S4 was my daily driver, I got regular 3G performance up there. I'm also fairly certain I used to roam on Cellcom.
  7. And make sure you read the fine print. A buddy of mine got the raw end of the "we will pay your ETF" deal from USCC. They refused to pay his ETF because his final bill from Verizon didn't actually state "Final Bill."
  8. Generally, I agree. I actually use Netflix write a bit during lunch breaks at work, so I'm probably an exception. I know people who have switched from Verizon to USC, not changed their active data use, but still only consumed half the data they did on Verizon.
  9. The S5 was the last Samsung that had two radios. The S6 and S7 don't have the ability to do voice and cellular data at the same time.
  10. Oh, I know the calculations. I was just wondering if people changed their data usage once they effectively had no roaming cap in areas they used to be careful in. Human nature generally means the more you CAN use, the more you DO use. For me personally, I highly doubt it would be worth switching from USC for me because I'm paying $100 after taxes for unlimited data. Yeah, that means I have the 400gb roaming cap, but I already use an average of 8-12gb per month, so no money savings.
  11. For those who have switched, have you seen your monthly costs go down (on average)?
  12. Not sure if it will work on USC variant, but supposedly it works on Sprint and Verizon, do it should. Check out the article. NA S7 Root...Finally!
  13. Unfortunately, no dialer codes work. I think the last time I had a dialer code work on Touchwiz was on my Samsung Moment on Sprint...
  14. It must be Samsung and Marshmallow then... My Mobile Networks has Global, 4G/CDMA and 4G/GSM/UMTS. I DID, however, manage to find an app in the Play Store that lets me access the full network menu and switch to CDMA. Sad that I have to install an app to give me a function that is part of the OS...
  15. So I found myself in a fringe service area the other day, and while it showed a 4G connection, my data was awful, often non existent. No problem... I've been in poor 4G areas before, and the data solution is just to switch to CDMA Only under network settings. Unfortunately, it looks like the option to switch to CDMA Only was removed in the Marshmallow update. Do I was stuck with basically no data all day when a friend on USE that didn't do the update had perfect 3g. Is there another way to force 3G, or is this yet another reason to put in the column to switch to another carrier?