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  1. Next Update

    I never thought about that. I will do that sometime after I wake up lol. That's a good idea. I'm wondering if it may be kernel related.. ah well.. this is only my 4th moto device. I went from photon to atrix 2, atrix HD and now this... I've only had issues with this phone...
  2. Next Update

    I got the update as well a few hours ago. Nothing seems to have changed at all really. Still have screen jitters and the screen has been unresponsive a few times, but that's how its been :-/
  3. 4.2.2?

    Yeah that's 4.1.2 I was looking at the date on the upload. I got excited :-/
  4. I'm registering at the moto site now.... It does it every time I wake the phone. It'll do it occasionally while playing games or on Facebook or browsing. It does it sometimes after the screen rotates as well. It may not be every device but this is my second em and its happened on both.
  5. [ROM] Bareback Jones - 98.22.7 6/17/2013

    Hey guys, how is the volume on this ROM? And is there a theme chooser?
  6. Cyanogenmod 10 and Electrify M

    Haha, you sound just like me..
  7. Rom compatibility

    Okay. Hopefully this wasnt a pointless thread. Its good to know that the ROMs are compatible between the two devices especially since development is so little. I have a lot more experience with Samsung and htc. This is only my second moto device... so I'm still learning.
  8. Rom compatibility

    Gotcha. I still havent rooted yet but I'm gonna go ahead and give it a shot. I think I'm gonna try the dark ROM out first.. One thing though, the cm10 I should use the developer edition right?
  9. Rom compatibility

    Okay. I just wanted to make sure. I was looking at the energy or eclipse ROM, and cm10. I not really worried about 4g because there is none here where I live. About cm10 though, is it functional? I think I saw in the thread about it where people were having a few issues
  10. Rom compatibility

    If this has already been answered I apologize, but I was curious if it would be possible to flash a ROM for the RAZR M on to the EM? I've looked on xda and the only thing I saw was a root method. I love the Miui ROM and I saw it somewhere for the RAZR. I'd even be happy with cm10 or 10.1 or something with a theme chooser. I read a lot about the electrify and the photon being almost identical hardware wise and ROMs being switched between the two... so I was just a bit curious if the RAZR and the Em were the same way.
  11. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    I've gotten a new M. After a comparison between the two, the other one had a lot of other issues I didn't know about. I didn't know it had a notification light. The speaker on my new one is a bit louder as well, and for whatever reason, I have better signal. No more wifi/data connection issues (I unchecked avoid poor connections on the last one and it still did it). It lags a little though and it still does the thing where the screen jitters a bit from time to time, but I can deal with that. I think since its similarly specd to the S3 I'm expecting it to be an S3. Still getting used to it though. Would rooting really make that big of a difference?
  12. JB Update - Experiences - Opinions

    I'm not rooted at all. I actually went to the store today and got a new device so I'm on my second M. This one so far isn't having any issues so far, but its only been 3 hours. I guess the battery just needed to be charged a few times in the other phone because I was able to get 19 hours on a charge the last time I charged it. There were a few other things wrong as well... I just learned it had a notification light lol. But I'm gonna root this one. I just don't wanna lose the moto ringtones and notification sounds as I can't stand aosp ones..
  13. Screen moving at random times

    I went to the moto site but didn't really see much support for the M. Was I headed in the right direction?