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  1. Well..... its seems I answered my own question about the GPS.... In doing more research.... if your GPS is messed up PATCH IT..... OR....... while reading another forum I stumbled across a guy who TIGHTENED THE SCREWS ON THE BACK OF THE GS3 and his GPS started working again..... I laughed and tried it before patching.... just in case it was a simple fix.... and low and behold..... GPS IS NOW WORKING, LOCK IN UNDER 20 SECONDS, STILL ON...... still wondering about the game tho... *laugh*
  2. DISCLAIMER: I am new. Despite reading for weeks, I do not know what I am doing, I have searched the forums to the best of my ability prior to posting, if I am posting in the wrong section or whatnot please be gentle. I still do not know what I am doing. Original Phone: GS3-SCH-R530U / JB 4.1.1 ROM: CM10 stable Backup: CMR / titanium backup Recently flashed CM10 stable: 1. download file 2. clear data/cache 3.flash file 4. backup and restored "apps and data" GPS will not work now, I cant get a lock. I did get a lock once, took about 3 minutes and lasted about 3 minutes. * I have wiped AGPS several times and tried some of those GPS apps to no avail. * Stock navigation shuts down about 30 seconds after start. * Google maps doesnt work Addicted to Rail Rush..... go to play and it works for a minute, then the whole phone re-boots. * I havent done anything with this because, as silly as it sounds, I have to many coins to uninstall/reinstall * is it possible that TiBackup has created this issue? or could I use TiBackup to back it up then uninstall/reinstall. Couple other funny things happening that are escaping me at the moment and I dont know where to start. Would love opinions on TiBackup issues?? or ideas on above issues. I love CM10 but really would like my GPS back and things working properly...... THANK YOU for supporting those of us who have started the inner phone journey!