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  1. Thanks for the help , but as I mentioned in my post , I have already tried it , no help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys been a while Having a bit of a nagging issue if you guys could help me here. recently my work phone was broken so i shifted to my good old moto x (2013) , It was on kitkat i updated it to lollipop , then unlocked the bootloader and pushed the TWRP and flashed the latest SU zip phone was working fine apart from the fact that while charging and using it it rebooted on its own and since then upon every reboot it is optimizing all the apps thereby taking a lot of time to boot up. I have tried data wipe cache wipe , installing and using this app OPTIMIZING APPS FIX [ROOT] , but the issue isnt going away , Kindly help em out coz i dont wish to relock and unroot to get this bug out , moreover i dont really know how to do it if at all thats whats needed. Thanks in advacnce
  3. I have bricked my G3 around 10 days back , would be grateful if anyone has a spare WORKING motherboard or a cracked screen /lcd g3 but with working boartd. plz contact me via PM Thanks
  4. I have been advised to follow this tutorial, i can try but the steps Later on requires a TOT file, which we don't have Any ideas if this can be tried plus any link to lollipop tot http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=61280085 Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  5. Guys please help Sent from my LGLS885 using Tapatalk
  6. yeah this has happened in the past originally a year back , i had used a toolkit to root and then used autorec to install recovery a few times in the past while flashing something or just like that my phone wont boot after a restart no LG logo nothing , completely dead but without battery i could see the empty battery sign with a question mark with some fiddling around i got it to boot everything in the past but today its gone i guess, same thing has happend but somehow its not booting back
  7. mate with battery inside there is no life in the phone nothing on screen no LED howe am i supposed to flash the firmware if phone isnt there in download mode
  8. there is nothing on the screen with battery in the phone so thats not possible i feel the recovery partition has gotten corrupt but wiith battery inside there is no display so i donno what can be done
  9. please help !!! i am sure its not bricked but dunno how to get it to boot tried flashing the KDZ but i think that didnt flash as well , couldnt see anything on screen , tried to push usb cable with vol up pressed and waited for a while then tried flashing the kdz using flash tool but they failed
  10. Hi i feel i have messed up something well this has happened before but i could revive the phone but i dunno what happened i tried to reboot in recovery but instead there was blank screen and a flashing red and blue LED so i pulled battery and booted the phone , went to autorec app and flashed the TWRP it said all went well i again tried to reboot in recovery and now nothing , no power no led nothing been trying since last 1 hr yes when i remove battery and plug it in with wall charger it shows the battery sign on screen with a question mark ,but as soon as i insert battery the screen goes blank despite it being plugged this happened before as well 3 to 4 times once i had flashed something , once i saw that the led was flashing on it own wiithout any notification and once due to some error in xposed every time i used to leave phone and battery alone , the plug the phone in pc or charger and insert battery and do that a few times and ultimately i could get it to boot , this time nothing plz help btw i have just downloaded the 5.0 KDZ and the lg flash tool strangely when i am connecting the phone to PC it can be seen plugged in on port 20
  11. EDIT : kindly have a look two posts below , my situation has gone very bad now Hey guys I will be disposing my g3 tomorrow, so I was going to wipe data factory reset it, But the thing is its rooted and has twrp recovery Installed, I remember I had some issues when I originally got it rooted but don't remember them ( yeah have a bad memory) , It does have autorec installed and I dunno what else was done, Had many instances of phone not booting up after a restart, so was wondering g if it's safe to wipe data through twrp, will there be any issues in doing so Plz advise as it has to be done tonight no matter Thanks Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  12. Will we see 5.1.1 before 6.0?

    Hey folks.. I guess it's confirmed now that we ll be getting marshmallow update soon, anyone got an idea by when that's gonna be.. From what I have read seems like somewhere in February or March. If anyone got some more info kindly share. Thanks Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk