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  1. stock rom with tethering?

    This Process worked perfect i did the same on a gs4 and on my note 2. rooted stock. thanks for the refresher on the location as it has been about 2 years since i did my note 2 and the womans gs4 was driving me crazy. just make sure you force stop it then delete and reboot in that order. )
  2. Note 2 wont boot past Samsung logo

    hold volume up home and power to boot into recovery choose wipe data/factory reset then choose wipe cache partition. then reboot. samsung logo will appear but give it like 5 mins and will complete boot. just had to do this after a friend screwed my note up and other than starting out all over with the on screen tips all work fantastic. hope this helps.
  3. Root?

    ok so i have been hunting all over since i got the splendor. its a nice phone but root makes it even better. i have tried the Bin4ry method and it failed repeatedly. however after a moth of hunting i found one program that works. i am keeping it in my drop box so i will post the link below. it is called Kingo Android ROOT. it worked on the very first try. i hope you find this helpfull and enjoy your rooted splendor. the program is very simple and well designed. Just extract the folder and install.