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  1. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    Hmmmm... I might have to consider dropping Verizon for Fi now and upgrade from the Moto X Pure to a Nexus...
  2. My USCC/Verizon Pro/Con List

    In Raleigh, it's not even 3G. I think it's EDGE, sometimes 1x. I have had 3G in Greensboro (which I'm fine with), but only along the interstates. However, since we are less than an hour from Raleigh, that is where we visit about 1-2x a month and have the most trouble.
  3. My USCC/Verizon Pro/Con List

    Whenever I get ready to make a decision, I like to make a pro-con list. I figured I would share it with y'all, and you could comment on it if you saw fit. It essentially boils down to roaming, contracts, and laziness. Our "Stay with USCC or Jump Ship to Verizon" comes down to these factors: USCC PROS: - Familiarity, not much work in staying - Haven’t had a bad experience, agent store I work with is good - Customers for 10+ years - Reported ease of activating Moto X Pure - Coverage is good in the rural surrounding areas - Generally know what I will be paying (understand fee structure) USCC CONS: - Will have to sign a contract for a device I am purchasing myself (outside of USCC, because I am switching away from our old belief plan) - Roaming in major cities like Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, & Fayetteville means you might as well not have a data connection. - Same deal with roaming if we cross over into Virginia or South Carolina. - 200mb roaming limit (not a problem for me. My wife on the other hand…) VERIZON PROS: - New “Verizon Plan” is no contract. If I buy my own phone, why would I want a contract. If they make me mad, I can fire them. - Pretty much the same coverage here in my area - Has coverage in the major cities we frequent, and adjacent states. - Don’t have to worry about roaming VERIZON CONS: - Heard they are terrible to deal with - Heard they are shady - Heard of major issues activating Moto X Pure (and reps not being very enthusiastic because they aren’t making any money off of you) - Will have to port over numbers (makes me nervous). - Don’t know any extra fees & surcharges above the Plan & access itself.
  4. New US Cellular Pricing Spreadsheet Oct. '15

    I updated the Google Docs link to include the new limited-time XXL 18GB $100 from Verizon. It basically runs the same monthly price as the USCC 20GB plan after access fees.
  5. data roaming deal

    All I know is that yesterday in Raleigh (which is roaming for USCC), all I got was EVDO or 1X and nothing would load... Voice strength was fine though, 3-4 bars...
  6. So the new Shared Connect pricing might sway us back to staying with US Cellular, and we are both planning to get Moto X Pure's. What has been the overall experience getting this phone activated on US Cellular? I usually do my business at an agent store, but would I be better off going to a corporate store to do this? We had thought about switching to Verizon with this phone, but all I keep hearing is that Verizon has been pretty incompetent when it comes to the Moto X Pure. First all the IMEI's were loaded wrong and they couldn't activate, and now they are still having various issues with activation and no one seems to know what is going on or how to do anything (according to various reports). Other Questions: Will the stores have nano SIM's, or will I need a cutter?Can they just pull the SIMs out of my current Moto X 2013 and wife's iPhone 5s (or old Moto X)? (Edit- after using the SIM cutter to cut them down of course)Thanks!
  7. Since UC Cellular updated their shared connect pricing this month, I went in and updated my spreadsheet. On it is the New SC pricing, as well as the old pricing, and I left the Belief 1500 and Verizon Plans in there for reference. Google Docs Link: PDF: USCC_SC_OCT2015.pdf (Note that all of the prices are calculated using Bring Your Own Phones. I used the Moto X Pure (2015). Your prices may be different depending on your phone.) USCC_SC_OCT2015.pdf
  8. US Cellular & Verizon Plan Comparisons

    Yeah, that's one main reason we are looking. Excellent coverage here, but go to Raleigh or anywhere west of 95 (sans mountains), and data roaming sucks. Go to VA? Data Roaming. SC? Data Roaming. I really don't even mind if the roaming was 3G (which suits my purposes), but with the roaming limit so low (200mb), it makes you paranoid to do anything meaningful on the phone. We have been happy on USCC, and I am resistant to change. But like you, I'll probably port my number to Verizon or Straight Talk (VZW sim). I really don't want to sign a contract if I have to pay full price for my phone, especially since we're getting unlocked phones that work with every carrier.
  9. The wife and I are coming to the end of our contract with US Cellular, and it's now decision time for us. And that means spreadsheets! I created the following spreadsheet to compare prices between the current US Cellular & Verizon plans (the two best signals in Eastern NC), and figured I would share them with you all as an easy-to-read price comparison. Of course, there are other factors, as well as pros & cons that go into the decision. Web Page: PDF Version: Some surprises: The USCC 6gb & 8gb Shared Connect Plans cost the exact same (for us, with 2 lines, anyway).The USCC 8gb Plan is cheaper than the 6gb Verizon PlanThe 12gb Verizon Plan costs the same as the USCC 10gb planThe 20gb Verizon and USCC plans cost the same(Note that all of the prices are calculated using Bring Your Own Phones. I used the Moto X Pure (2015). Your prices may be different depending on your phone.)
  10. data roaming deal

    If you have a streaming music service like Spotify, Google Music, Rhapsody, Apple Music...etc, it's a must. Yes, I can download music to listen to offline, but that takes a lot of fun away from discovering new music and bands. Maybe I just get bored with the several thousand songs I already have in my library...haha. We are so spoiled. I distinctly remember downloading music on Napster at 10 kb/s back before broadband was out everywhere. There will never be any excitement like the first time I burned a mix CD to listen to in my I'm old. I distinctly remember sitting around with fingers hovering over the "record" button on my cassette player, just waiting for a Van Halen song to come on. And dubbing cassettes in real-time. Or recording my records on cassette so I could listen to them on my Walkman. We worked for our favorite music back then.
  11. data roaming deal

    Or we could jump ship to T-Mobile and roam off US Cellular! That is, if T-Mobile hasn't disabled Band 12 on the phones through OTA updates yet, as it has on the Moto G & E and on another unnamed manufacturer's phones. (
  12. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    If you get the message that you have to be an authorized user to view the catalog or whatever, it means the system is getting slammed. Whenever they send the reminder emails out about points, everyone logs on at once to redeem points and crashes the system (because that's what happened to me). I waited until a little later in the day and was able to redeem all of my 36000 points. They never sent out a shipment notification, but my stuff just showed up about a week after I ordered it.
  13. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I just messed around on their website, and 2 phones with 4GBs of shared data was like $140/month. That's under a normal plan (subsidized or BYOP). I think if you already have a Verizon phone, you can just go to prepay for $60/mo. 2.5GB (+500mb if you autopay) and unlimited talk/text. Heck, 2 of those are cheaper than the 2GB shared plan (I think). You could also purchase a new phone for it, like the 2015 Moto E for $99, which was highly rated.
  14. [New] Points Program Stopping September 1st

    I think its time to start up another spreadsheet... This time comparing Verizon plans to USCC...
  15. Android lollipop coming to moto x