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  1. An open letter to Axiom owners

    I hope to see a custom rom for axiom one fine day on this forum.
  2. Swapping Internal/External SD Cards

    This may help you
  3. Swapping Internal/External SD Cards

    External2internal app is working with little bit trial and error basis. After installing app go to settings tick first and third options...scroll down to last option(view different devices) and scroll down again as there will be more options below, select the last and last but one option...go back and hit External>internal button. For some reason you have to press multiple times on this app until you get the message like warning/settings changed or something like that. Unticking the boot option allows the app to work even after a reboot.
  4. Swapping Internal/External SD Cards

    Does that app swap internal and external or it just makes external to internal? I tried that app but both my internal and external shows the same 16gb card.(internal memory is missing).
  5. Swapping Internal/External SD Cards

    Unable do this on my phone. Does it work on JB?
  6. Axiom tweaks

    I'm using microdroid for switching aeroplane mode during night. sent from Samsung axiom sch r830
  7. Axiom tweaks

    On xposed i use slightly extended toggles module
  8. Axiom tweaks

    Kitkat launcher is working on axiom SOURCE: My phone did restarted once during installing. What are the tweaks you guys are using on your axiom?
  9. Cyanogenmod Test builds

    Please post if there is any progress waiting so eagerly
  10. modifying boot animation

    Thanks for the info
  11. modifying boot animation

    I've tried flashing boot animation and system sounds in cwm recovery but not working. Is it possible on axiom?