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  1. G5 - Anyone Got One

    I had one since day one. Had the same issue. It was on us cellulars end. They didn't activate correctly to were it sends as an MMS. It was quite frustrating. After four days of use was just out driving with it and it died. Like no turning on or anything. Went to us cellular did battery and modual swap but nothing. Returned and got an S7edge. Way better decision in my opinion. LG tried some new things but fell short for a flagship. If this was last year's model it would have been great. But they tried to much and left key things out other manufacturers have included this year. I bet the LG g6 is going to be sweet. The g5 did what the s6 did. And won't win this year. Next year
  2. New software update baby!

    Ya I do not know if it was just my phone. But I had so many issues with the edge. The regular s6 was fine. But this enhancement has fixed so many issues the edge had. The phone should have been this way a year ago. Now that I'm getting the LG g5 it feels this update is to late The S6edge kind of ruined the galaxy series for me and I've been a fan since the beginning.
  3. Got the new update for Android 6.0.1 and man this software update fly's. Memory management and slow down do not seem to occur anymore so it is definitely worth doing the upgrade if you want some life brought back to your S6edge
  4. Since the update i have also been having the same problem. Idk about 10 hours but it definitely seems a lot lower then i was getting. Like it just drains when sitting there. Even though the battery usage says nothing really.
  5. Can we still root after this update?
  6. New S6 (x2) no 5.1.1 ota?

    I know that something is up for sure. My wife has had her 5.1.1 update since it came out. The other night i was like "i'm tired of 5.0.2, i want 5.1.1" that was when tragedy struck. Spammed ota update for hours. Samsung kies...nothing. New smart switch...nothing.... even odin was giving me crap. After i tried flashing that downgradable 5.1.1, it failed midway through...thought i lost everything, then the original update i tried again through odin...success. Was happy that i got it. Now there is this new update there sending this new update G925R4TYU2BOG9 and i can't receive it because i am rooted(currently on G925R4TYU2BOF7) Anyone know what it includes? It was a 373mb download. My phone grabbed it, but then did not install because custom recovery and root.
  7. Alright my issue has been fixed thanks to WoundTight here at this wonderful forum. I still have a sim on the way, but the issue was resolved when odin backed to stock and then dial *2767*3855# afterwards, I had to boot into recovery and do basic factory reset, and bam! Working again. So people who are still having issues, This may fix it or you.
  8. So i had found this topic on XDA but i am not sure what to do since most of this applies to other carriers then us. My imei is correct. phone is correct. says im not roaming. But i have 1x no 3g or 4g. I tried nvbackup and nv restore. I feel like i have tried everything. Is this just something i should take to the store and replace? Anyways thanks for responses i did get.
  9. Sorry for the late replies. Yes i did do nvrestore but it does not do anything. Weather i do it after recover or after.
  10. Nope i have just been waiting patiently for a response. I do not know what to do to fix thee issue. Other, then taking it into the store to i fix. But i hate waiting there. And it still works. I use wifi wherever I anyways so its not hurting me yet. But on a trip out of town I will be F....
  11. Yes it says some numbers in there. as well as my phone number. But when it first happend it was all zero's. Then i tried restore back and it showed up again. I also can't *228 at all. Says this function is not allowed. Or isn't on my account.
  12. I am having the same issue Solox was having. My phone is not using data. Currently i am rooted on LS RC1 no kernel. 4.2.1 What i did was try to flash LS RC2 the latest release. afterwards when it booted up my data was not working. can still make calls, and send messages. But no data. Odin backed to stock lk1 update to lk5 still not resolved. When messing with the roaming and cmda options got it to show 1x but no 3g or 4g. Also tried to restore a backup but that did not resolve the issue. Tried the steps mentioned above. Did not work. was hoping the simple adb command would work but never did. never showed the letters at the top. when it first messed up i tried and it showed corrupt something....sorry. But any help would be nice because i do not want to go into the store Anyways thanks for any response