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  1. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    I feel that the majority of data used by individuals are from apps that run in the background. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  2. data roaming deal

    USCC Uses Verizon towers so I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded the coverage with Verizon and called it Roaming. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  3. The SCH-R-970 Conversion to an SCH-i545...

    My apologoes... I did mean an iPhone 4s ) Thank you for the information.
  4. The SCH-R-970 Conversion to an SCH-i545...

    I want to thank you all for your input! I swapped the mainboard and it is working like a charm! It has been running for almost 2 weeks without any problems. I purchased the Verizon Mainboard for less than $100 and it was allot cheaper than buying a complete Verizon S4. I am now looking into checking into the compatability on a Verizon Mainboard from an iPhone 4 to be placen in a US Cellular iPhone 4. I have a Verizon iPhone 4 with a shattered display and a US Cellular iPhone 4 in Excelent condition.
  5. The SCH-R-970 Conversion to an SCH-i545...

    It just occurred to me that this question could potentially be posted within the wrong area... I wasn't 100% sure but, I would just like to apologize if this question belongs elsewhere and it would be great if a Team Administrator or Moderator could relocate this post within the appropriate location of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Forum. FYI... I also posted this question within the XDA Forums. Thanks a bunch!
  6. The SCH-R-970 Conversion to an SCH-i545...

    Thanks for the response. I am thinking so too... According to these images (below), the L720 (NOT the L720T), R970 & i545 have identical locations for all the components: Also, when i look up all the remaining components (individually), they are stated that they are compatible with the L720 (NOT the L720T), R970 & i545. I am just looking for input from other pro's as to their thoughts.
  7. I was wondering is it is at all possible to swap an SCH-i545 Logic Motherboard (Unlocked) inside the SCH-R970? I researched the comparisons of both S4's and found that they are the only 2 that the internal layout (locations of all the components) match. Though most everything are interchangeable, I am under the impression that if i swapped the R970 Logic Motherboard with the i545, i would essentially have a Verizon i545. Any fellow pro's ever try or have any input for this? Note: I am very well versed in replacing many parts in the S3's & S4's... Thanks a bunch!
  8. Just a quick question... My Android: Make: Samsung Galaxy S4 Model: R970 Service: U.S. Cellular What exactly is the real (and honest) difference between the "R970" & the "i9505"? I see the "i9505" and am not sure what the differences are. Thanks!
  9. Hello Zenzr, Just to help you understand my posting this info... This posting is, primarily, as a result of my looking for this specific information and, after searching for quite some time, i was getting so many broad results that were mostly pointing me to the Stock GApps. I actually was looking for one thing and bumped into the XDA Post that, to me, felt like finding a lost relic LMAO!!! When performing a Search/Query for GApps that is a Slim-down (or similar) version is not real easy. This is because of how the searches are worded and many of the Custom (or similar) Apps, ROM's, Etc... are normally named and/or described in their own unique way that are either easy, tough or hard to find . Personally (and i am sure i am not alone), would never have guessed that words (or key words) to find the posting included words like PA-Google, Modular, Micro, Nano, Pico, etc... I am not a Beginner but, am no expert either. I am a very well versed (or close to an expert) in Electronics, PC Software, Computing, Networking, etc... and the Android (or Cell Phones in general) is a fairly new area of practice that i have been very good (or lucky LOL!) in accomplishing/understanding the many areas i look to accomplish and learn about . In closing, this specific find helped me so much and I felt is not an easy one to find (i know there are others who is looking for or gave up looking for) slimmed down versions of the Stock GApps. I hope others finds this posting as helpful as i did . And, Thank you for helping me out placing this posting in the appropriate area of the forum .
  10. Hello Everyone, I came across this information and i just wanted to pass it along as an FYI for those who may want or need this... i was looking for quite some time and found just what i was looking for on the XDA-Developers Forums. The forum posting under "[GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date PA-GOOGLE APPS (All ROM's)" has quite the selection of Stock and custom GApps . A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO TKruzze (an XDA Senior Member) AND ANY/ALL OTHER CONTRIBUTORS FOR PROVIDING THIS OPTION FOR THOSE WITH CUSTOM ROM's!!. In brief, they have: The GOOGLE STOCK PACKAGE - This package is recommended for most users of current generation devices (legacy device owners may want to use Mini or Micro Modular GApps due to the size of this package)...The FULL MODULAR PACKAGE - This package is similar to the Google Stock Package above except that it does NOT include Google Camera, Google Keyboard, Google Gallery², and will NOT remove your stock/AOSP Launcher, Keyboard, Browser, SMS App, or Pico TTS. In addition, it also includes Google Bookmarks Sync. If you don't have a Nexus device and/or prefer to use the stock/AOSP apps, this package would be perfect for you...The MINI MODULAR PACKAGE - This package is designed for those who use limited Google apps or prefer to install apps on their own...The MICRO MODULAR PACKAGE - This package is designed for users of legacy devices with small system partitions or those who prefer a minimalistic approach...The NANO MODULAR PACKAGE - This package is designed for users who want the smallest Google footprint possible while still enjoying native "Okay Google" and Google Search support...The PICO MODULAR PACKAGE - This package is designed for users who want the absolute minimum GApps installation available.The ADD-ON MODULES - Add-on modules can be installed on top of most any GApps package, including the Pico, Nano, Micro, Mini, or Full packages above.AND MORE!!I believe an honest question is only a stupid one if it is not asked . I hope everyone finds this as useful as i did . ENJOY!!
  11. Phone ON, screen black!! URGENT!

    To my knowledge, It looks like there are a few areas to look at. I hope you have an idea in the technical arena :-) Here are 2 ideas that come to mind to help you troubleshoot: Idea 1 ------- 1st: If you have a MicroSD inserted, may be bad and remove it till you can figure it out., 2nd: With the battery out, get a good magnifying glass and real good lighting. 3rd: Your going to take a real close look at all the tiny/little brass colored connector strips in each port opening (IE charging/data port, HDMI port, MicroSD slot, SIM slot, etc...). 4th: Look closely for any obstructions (dirt, debris, etc...) that shouldn't be there. If there is, have a pro clean it. 5th: Look to see if any of those brass looking strips for damage (bent, broken, touching each other, stuck, etc...). If there is, have a pro clean fix it but some damage can't be fixed, only replaced. 6th: To add, in the charging/data port opening, look for, what i can closely describe as, a small plastic tounge with the brass colored strips. See if the plastic tounge is damaged (it is bent, broken, etc...). If it is, have a pro fix or replace it. Idea 2 ------- With the battery in, Phone off and if the Charging/Data port looks good, plug in the wall charger to the phone and, after about 30 seconds, see if the battery indicator pops up. If it DOES and it indicates it is charging (dots moving to the right and the battery image shows a level) then you should be able to get into Download mode to recover the stock firmware. If there is NO WAY possible to get into Download Mode, then it has to be an Android Motherboard issue. Sorry to say... If it DOES NOT indicate the battery charging then it MUST be one of the following: 1) Bad Battery. Obtain a good or new one. 2) Bad cord. Replace it with a compatible one. MOST chords will work but, NOT ALL cords work. THis depends on the tightness of the fit between the female and the male end from the cord and the phone (yes there are some differences that are small enough to effect the tightness between the connections) AND the Voltage/Amperage of the charger (even if it says Samsung from another phone, there can be a difference). Tested by myself, the Galaxy S Aviator works with a 4.5-5V & 750mAh-1050mAh (.750A-1.05A) wall charging cord. 3) Bad Android Motherboard. Sorry to say. I did the best i could to explain these by text. I hope this helps you and anyone else.
  12. In Search of Stock FL02 md5 Kernel

    Sorry for the delay... I am all set and rooted. Thanks a bunch!!!
  13. In Search of Stock FL02 md5 Kernel

    That Reflects the Old FG04 Kernel (FG04 was Releasedby Samsung on 14 Aug 2012). I was looking for the New FL02 Kernel (FL02 was released by Samsung on 07 Feb 2013).
  14. I am hoping that someone can help me get a hold of the stock FL02 md5 Kernel file. This is for a US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. Thanks a bunch.