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  1. Does anybody know of a way to get the IR to work on the S4? Or if there is a ROM with it working?
  2. Do you know if there is a way to flash the new version without losing all my data? If not its all good.
  3. After hours of searching, I finally found the link. It was in an unofficial thread in RootzWiki. AOKP 7-14 Thank BMc08GT for this. This is where I found the link:
  4. I seriously have that app and nothing shows up. Not in the appNot on AOKP.coNot on Goo.imI'm confused as to where you guys are finding this...
  5. [Guide] How to Root from Stock

    Hey guys, TWRP 2.6 is out and it I've had no issues with it.
  6. Yeah, I was on today and didn't see an update for the USC S4... I'll give it another go. But thanks for the suggestion. And not all of those things are huge deals, the only thing I really want fixed is the phone app. Other than that, thanks for the work! Much appreciated and from BMC. EDIT: If I may ask, what is the lastest version? I have the build from 6-30 installed and I just checked AOKP as of 3:40CMT, July 15th.
  7. Hey... I have a lot of information.. Kinda debugging I suppose. haha I didn't realize there was a whole forum for AOKP, so I created a thread in just the Development section. Here are all my findings with the 6-30 release..
  8. Alright guys, I know I've been here a lot talking about different ROMs and such, but I think I found a decent ROM. It definitely has it's moments though. I have the AOKP ROM installed currently and I love it. Could be better, but from what I've tested, I like it by far the most. Be warned, this is just a Nightly build and I don't really know if it's official. Here are some troubling things with it that I have found. The system will randomly restart. I haven't pinned why it does it, but it usually happens when I'm trying to load a heavy app like a game. Ex: Tapped OutPhone: Calls are flawless, however if you make a call and try to hang up, the phone app hags and you can't end the call. The other person has to end it for you. This is troublesome when talking to an automated process like your voicemail.Camera: Camera also works good. However if you use HDR and take a picture, the app will hag and it will save a blank file. It seems that there is no extension on the file. I have not tried to manually name a file yet.. I will try that and get back to you guys.Messaging: Also works well, however do not send a message that will be long enough where it automatically sends two messages, it won't send the message at all. It just "fails". You can send one just fine, receive MMS/SMS, have not sent a picture yet, but have received one. I'll play more with this later and get back to you.The Cellular reception bars don't really display anything? It tells me that I have 4G, 3G, or X1, but it won't give me a signal strength.. or it's the same color as the background one; can't tell. F-Charge doesn't turn on...? But it seems that my phone charges REALLY fast, which is fine with me. I plugged in my phone this morning for about 10 minutes and it went up about 10%.The Torch button is sort of finicky. It works, but it doesn't. It just seems weird.. Or its just a delay.GPS works good, no issues with that yet.Cellular Location: I've noticed this isn't totally right on Google Maps.... Like it was miles off. I'll play around more with this to test it. With that said, WiFi location works great.Have not test Bluetooth. I don't really have any Bluetooth devices besides my Laptop.*#*#INFO#*#* works via the phone on this ROM.One thing this ROM could use is a music player.. not necessary, but it would be nice. I bought Shuttle+ though and I love it.When you plug in Headphones, the ROM doesn't tell you that you do. It would be nice that it recognizes that you do, just for some feed back. With that said, Shuttle did pause when you unplugged them though. However it had an option where you could plug them back in and the music would resume, but since the ROM doesn't really recognize that, it just does nothing. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.Brightness works good, the auto function works well also. Battery life has been good for me. I haven't had the phone long enough to really test it though. Plus its better than my HTC Hero S, so I don't really care... LolNotifications: Some apps don't really work well with notifications. However, it seems to be doing fine now. It might have just taken a few restarts in order to really set them in stone. If you guys want any more information, let me know. I'm also going to link the developer for this ROM, to this forum. I just wanted to give him some feed back I can also take screenshots.. if you want.... Dominic EDIT: Added another bullet point.
  9. FoxHound

    I know why it wasn't working. It never came back saying that was on a US Cellular network. It was made for the i9505 model with is international, not a specific model like USC's R940. That was probably the reason. Given a little tweaking, it could probably be a really amazing mod for us. It's got a full fledged Aroma installer. It's pretty nice. I just looked today again, and they already have 1.1 out. Here is the link: If I only had 4G data, I would have kept it. There is my short little review on it. I may or may not try the 1.1 version and see if that gives me data.