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  1. Still Have N6?

    Oh yeah, still got it,. still use it, still flashing ROMs on it
  2. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    Same here, same ROM since August.....
  3. Production N Release NBD90Z

    So... how is it?? I'm off Wednesday. Probably do a full backup and upgrade to 7.0 then
  4. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    Anyone here flashed this yet?? I've been out of the loop for awhile https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images
  5. Updated uscc_eri.zip File

    WTH, you guys still need this?
  6. Might be time to change your number, bro
  7. Dude, you're in a system, because I don't get that, like that. I get some spam calls but not like you do apparently
  8. With TrueCaller/Dialer you can mark it as spam, add it to the data base and black list it in 2 clicks. It's more proactive, I think, than just ignoring it
  9. I don't understand why you'd want to block calls that aren't in your contact list. Not ALL calls are spam. I'd never be able get a hold of a customer if everyone did this
  10. Hate to disagree with you but this is my call log on Truedialer for the last few days.
  11. Man just get TrueDialer and TrueCaller. They've HAD that, and more
  12. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    Found the best ROM yet. RPMod by RatchetPanda. It's clean, smooth, based on the latest N Release and works ridiculously well. The OP directions are funky so if you want this, d/l the 4 files from the OP - D5 Bootloader, System, Radio and RPmod, in that order. RPmod has an Aroma installer. I chose Elemental kernel, and left everything as default. Then, disable MusicFX and and Music player effects, like EQ and I flashed Leviticus1.3 from the ARISE project to get working V4A. THere are a ton of profiles/V4A Settings by users in THis thread. It's a perfect setup!
  13. Nexus Root Toolkit Updates?

    Yep, used it to update mine to the lastest stock
  14. Well it's official

    Welcome to the club, Zenz!
  15. So it finally happened

    That happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I've dropped it 100 times, no problem, but this time, it landed perfectly flat on the street. The good news is I still had my 64Gb N6 from when I was with US Cellular (Which when I switched to Verizon, they said I couldn't bring over with me, oddly and forced me to buy a 32Gb Nc), but one call to Customer Service, swapping the Sim Card and my old phone was activated on Verizon (and I hate the sales guy that lied to me to get a sale).