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  1. Is USCC a takeover target?

    It would be interesting to see how USCC new plans line up with the rest of the big 4 carriers, as that may hint at who they are looking to take them over. I think it would be very hard for Verizon to purchase USCC because it would create a monopoly in some locations. What we might see is a group take over of USCC with one company purchasing USCC but then,as a part of the agreement with the government, sell parts of USCC off to other carriers. T-Mobile is not likely in my view because I don't see them having the funds to pull off a complete purchase of USCC without going into more debt. With the new sprint softbank merger, I think sprint is going to be looking to expand in areas were they have limited coverage. Purchasing USCC including their infrastructure, would allow Sprint to quickly feel in their white space of limited coverage areas, once they convert USCC towers to operate on sprint's network. Either way if USCC does sell to one or more of the big 4, at least I will have a chance for a BB10 device.
  2. Is USCC a takeover target?

    Well the deal with Leap is not a done deal for AT&T, but I don't see any reason why the government would oppose it. What I think is going to happen is USCC is going to keep with the process of selling off the under performing parts of itself, which allows them to get higher buyout offer for what is left. I would perfer Sprint, as I can see them having less of an issue of getting apporval from the government to buy out USCC.
  3. US Cellular to end partnership with BlackBerry and HTC.

    People have been predicting Blackberry death for awhile and I don't see it happening any time soon or by the end of the 2014. I think they will be a niche player, but still a company that makes a profit (much like Apple's computer business in relation to PCs). As far as USC dumping blackberry I can see that happening, but I think they will continue to sale BB7 devices until they reach their end of life (which should happen in about 1 to 1 1/2 years from now, as Blackberry support for BB7 os is said to be ending 1 to 2 years after BB10 release, which puts us at a time frame of around Jan. 2015). I will still keep using a BB7 device and if that breaks I will revert back to a BB5 device or get another BB7 Curve, as I need a keyboard and I don't do touchscreen (this includes B10 devices). Unlike the Bold 9900/9930 where the touchscreen was an option, but was not needed to use the device the Q10 and Q5 requires the use of the touchscreen, which makes it a no go for me, unless something changes in the software that adds keyboard shortcuts for touchscreen functions. I guess a feature phone is in my future.
  4. I just hope that Blackberry will allow for BBM to be removed from BB10 devices, as the lack of that option is something that I don't like about BB7 and BB10 devices. I think Blackberry came to decision to open up BBM in order to make money off of a bigger bbm base of users that includes those using other operating system since BIS revenue is gone for the non-business users that upgrades to a BB10 device.
  5. U.S. Cellular to Sell Select Midwest Markets to Sprint

    Well to get back on topic, I feel sorry for the effect customers and I don't think sprint is going to offer them anything other than their typicaly new customer deal. I hope that is not case for the customer sake. In the very least US Cellular could give the effect customers a tshirt similiar to what John Vincent has, but with note that US Cellular sold out their customer based in the area in order to get the Apple Iphone.
  6. U.S. Cellular to Sell Select Midwest Markets to Sprint

    I agree. Keep this in mind that Dish offer will merge the two companies into one company with a load of debt. The Dish deal will give the new company access to the wireless spectrum owned by Dish, but they won't have the money to use the spectrum (which is what is part of Sprints problem now). At least with the Softbank deal Sprint would be able to start using the spectrum that they are already have and have the funds to buy out Clearwire.
  7. Buying a used phone from US Cellular?

    How do we know for sure that all of the the used phones are returned 15 day trial phones? Whatever your view point maybe on this topic, I think the days of discount new phones will be coming to slow end, as carriers look for more ways to make money in a mature market.
  8. Hopes for BB10 over with the arrival of Iphone?

    Well I blame the 2 former ceos of blackberry of why blackbery are in the hole they are in. How are you going to release phones, BB 7.x devices, with no autofocus cameras just because you want the talking point about your phone being thin. I like some of the things that the new ceo is doing, but it seems he favors touchscreen over physical keyboard and he forgetting what kept people loyal to blackberry in the first place. Removable battery Data compression Physical keyboard, trackpad, and physical call/end/menu buttons With the Q10 the only two things that is really left is the physical keyboard and removable battery. The projected BB10 curve, "R-Series", will only have the physical keyboard. In my view Blackberry should be attacking the market on two fronts: making new products (which they are doing good at given a new os) and keeping "legacy customers" with the features they want (which I don't think they are doing a good job of doing in the short and long term). I still think Blackberry will make it through this tough spell, as the company has zero debt, and they are not selling their new phones at a lost.
  9. Buying a used phone from US Cellular?

    I think they are actually making more money off people purchasing used phones. The following is my reasoning: You have to consider that most people get new phones at discount pricing. So, lets take the SG4 at $199.99 discount pricing. User purchase the phone and returns it along with paying the restocking fee (if there is one). A user who purchase said used phone typically will pay half of retail cost of the phone, which will be more than $199.99 discount price. So, if you look at it us cellular is getting a customer to pay more than the new phone discounted price for a "used new phone", while other wise the user would be paying the discounted price. On the flip side if the user purchase the phone at full retail price, then us cellular would be losing money on selling a used phone as then they will have to sell it for half the price because of it being a used phone.
  10. Hopes for BB10 over with the arrival of Iphone?

    I think the reason us cellular keeps around so many Android phones is because of the different price points that each phone represents. Now I do agree, somewhat, that with the coming of the iphone us cellular should consider cutting off one or two Android hardware makers, my choice would be htc and huawei. This will leave us cellular with the following: Android Samsung Moto LG (keep them around because they also make feature phones) ZTE for the low end devices (i favor zte just because they have a windows phone) IOS Apple Windows Samsung ZTE Blackberry 10 Blackberry (i hope at least one BB10 device, but I got a feeling that it will be at least 1 to 2 years before us cellular pulls the trigger on a bb10 device, which makes since because by then us cellular would more than likely get a 2nd generation BB10/11 device and it will give them some room to figure out if this deal with Apple was really for the best or not. Leap Wireless found out the hard way that making a deal with Apple is not always in your best interest, as it looks like Leap is projecting that they will not sell enough iphones to even break even on their deal. I have a blackberry tour and have a bb 7.1 curve coming, so between the two of them I hope I can hold out for at least 2 years or so because I am not liking what I am seeing with the q10 and r10 bb10 devices. I am non-touch screen and physical keyboard type of person and it appears you are not going to have the option of not using the touch screen on any of the bb10 keyboard devices like user good "disable" the touchscreen on bold 9900/9930 devices and just use the trackpad. I hope after some feedback from the first gen of BB10 device Blackberry will make some changes like Microosoft is having to do with Windows 8.
  11. US Cellular not to carry 32/64gb Galaxy S4

    I think USCC is just going to takes its' time or whether or not to carry the high storage versions of SGIV, given they have data on how many higher storage SGIIIs they sold. If they did not sell that many of the high storage SGIII, then I can see why they would not be willing to offer the high storage SGIVs right out the gate.