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  1. (OFFICIAL) CM 11 Nightly

    That's what I've done. I'm currently on stock NF3. I'm going to retry flashing a 5.1.1 SlimLP from XDA and/or that same Cyanogen build that I tried previously. Both ROMs had no audio and "baseband unknown" after I installed them previously.
  2. Stock Files

    I don't even need working data or cellular service as I only use the device as a media player now. I just want working wifi, camera, audio, and bluetooth mainly. I can reinstall an older version of SlimLP with spotty bluetooth and I have audio and a recognized baseband of NF3. I can also install Liquid Smooth and if I recall correctly, the audio and baseband were fine but the camera didn't work and I didn't like some other aspects of it. But when I then reinstall a newer "official" version of SlimLP, I get the unknown baseband and no audio issue. Same thing with a d2lte version of Cyanogen. They just refuse to work with my modem I guess. I'm downloading stock NF3 now. I guess I'll just run that for a while. Working bluetooth audio and wifi are a must for this device.
  3. (OFFICIAL) CM 11 Nightly

    I'm on NF3 bootloader I believe, which I believe is the last version that was released. Does anyone know which version of Cyanogen I can install? I've tried the latest d2usc builds and get assert failures during installation from within TWRP, so perhaps they aren't compatible with that bootloader. I tried a d2lte build and it installed fine, but I get baseband unknown and no audio at all, which is happening with some other roms too. I've tried flashing the NF3 modem afterward on the other roms and the d2lte Cyanogen, but it still shows unknown baseband and no audio.
  4. Stock Files

    I was just trying to save bandwidth by downloading the modem files only vs the entire firmware package. I already extracted NON-HLOS.bin from the NF3 firmware. I've flashed it using Odin 3.10 multiple times and it says that it completes successfully every time, but within the ROM (Cyanogen or SlimLP) is still shows baseband unknown and I have no audio. I guess these roms just don't work. They are lollipop based. I've tried SlimLP, Liquid Smooth, and Cyanogen. An older version of SlimLP has audio and a working modem, but the bluetooth audio cuts out constantly. I installed a later "official" version of SlimLP and got baseband unknown and no audio. The camera doesn't work with Liquid Smooth and there were some other things that I did not like about it. The only version of Cyanogen that I could install suffered from the same baseband unknown and no audio issue. The older versions of Cyanogen won't install due to assert errors. I guess it thinks they aren't compatible with my NF3 firmware I guess. I'm just going to go back to stock. Trying to find a WORKING rom this late in the game isn't working out for me. It's too much hassle. I was starting to wonder about backing up the EFS partition info and then restoring that in the ROMs where I get baseband unknown, but even getting a reliable backup and restore of the EFS data is proving to be a hassle.
  5. Stock Files

    Are the modem files posted anywhere? Just the modems? I found THIS thread, but it isn't up to date.
  6. I still use my old Galaxy S3 as a media player. I'm currently running SlimLP 5.1.1. The version listed under "about phone" is Slim-5.1.1.beta.0.1-UNOFFICIAL-20150708-0101 with a build date of July 8 2015. I can't comment on phone or data service as I do not have service on this device (it's a media player device now). Everything except for bluetooth audio seems to work pretty well for me and I've not had any crashes or reboots. The issue with bluetooth is that audio frequently skips and cuts out. I have tried 3 different bluetooth speakers with the phone sitting beside the speaker (within a foot range). Since I use the phone as a media player, bluetooth audio issues are a pretty big deal. I'm going to have to look into a different version or a different rom for now. EDIT: Moved back to 12/2015 build. I noticed this time that my baseband is unknown. Wondering if that has anything to do with no sound on that version of the rom. I've tried twice to flash NF3 modem and Odin says it succeeded, but baseband still shows unknown. Perhaps I'm not doing it correctly. I downloaded the NF3 stock file, extracted NON-HLOS.bin and flashed it in Odin 3.07.
  7. I know this is old, but the tool from Saurik works fine and is a much easier and quicker method. I have an old Axiom with 4.1.2 on it. I used the tool from Saurik and it was super easy to root it. Thanks for the info! Here is the link to the Windows version of the tool. He says the following regarding linking to it: Here is how I did it for anyone that can't figure it out, but it's really easy. I'm on Windows 10 Pro. Download and install the Samsung USB drivers. Go into the developer options on the phone and enable USB debugging. Connect the phone. Download the tool. Extract the archive to a folder. Execute Impactor.exe. The default option was "# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su". I left it on that and clicked "start". It finished in a couple seconds. I then downloaded Root Checker Pro from xda and installed it on the phone. The app says that the device is rooted. Installed SuperSU app and Busy Box from Google Play. Rebooted and ran Root Checker Pro again to be sure that I still have root and that Busy Box and SuperSU are working.
  8. Well, I don't know from personal experience, but I've heard this is what happens when you @#$% a stranger in the &%#. Just sayin'.
  9. I'm currently using 4.4.4 build 7 and audio works and I don't get any reboots. I think the reboots were possibly due to the audio issue. It was fine on build 9 until I installed PlayerPro and tried to listen to music. Then the reboots started. I'm also thinking that maybe it's a kernel issue. I was thinking about possibly going back to build 9 and trying a different kernel if I can find one. Since everything is mostly working on build 7 though, I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. As for build 7, I can't comment on bluetooth, data, or cellular service as my S3 doesn't have service; I use it only as a media player and I don't use bluetooth. WiFi works fine however. I have just encountered one issue in the last couple of days on build 7. I cannot display PNG files on my phone. I have tried ES File Explorer, the built-in gallery, and Quickpic. The images just display a charcoal colored box. The same images display fine on my S4 running stock 4.4.2. I can't get support because the slimroms forum is broken. I haven't been able to create a new account or login with my Google account. I reported it and the admin said they are aware of it, but I guess it's not a priority. Does anyone here know anything about the PNG display issue? Thanks!
  10. SlimRom 4.4.4 Build 9.0

    I just flashed slimkat 4.4.4 build 7.0 and audio works fine. Not sure what the deal is with 9.0. I guess I'll post over at their forum. EDIT: Well, their forums are apparently broken. I use Firefox, not sure if that matters, but I get an error when trying to create an account or when trying to log in with my Google account.
  11. SlimRom 4.4.4 Build 9.0

    I get no audio whatsoever. After I installed PlayerPro and tried to play an mp3, it started causing the phone to randomly reboot.
  12. I just installed 4.4.4 9.0 and I have NO sound whatsoever. The volume key makes no sound when I adjust sound. When I try to play music in PlayerPro it sits at 0:00 and doesn't play. The keyboard doesn't make any sound. The phone also randomly reboots. This isn't working for me.
  13. I liked this rom pretty well, and it seemed to run OK for the most part. I didn't try any different kernels. I had two issues that I didn't encounter while running stock. They were fairly rare, but annoyed me enough to switch back to stock 4.4 Touchwiz. The stock rom isn't performing well for me though, so I'll likely try something else. Issues I Had: SD card dismounted twice while I was listening to music with PlayerPro. On two occasions the battery drained about 90% in 5-6 hours. The battery stats indicated that the culprit was PlayerPro and the PlayerPro DSP pack. Both had used more battery than "screen".I used the rom for a couple of months and both of these issues only happened twice, but it was enough to be annoying. The SD card dismount was especially annoying because I use my S3 strictly as a media player device. I have an S4 that I use as my phone. When the card would dismount, I would have to wait several minutes for it to remount and repopulate songs and playlists into PlayerPro. The battery drain is annoying in general. Other than those two times, it ran well, including battery life. I have never had these things happen on stock Touchwiz. However, with stock Touchwiz, I sometimes get skipping/stuttering when playing music in PlayerPro. It still stutters with the DSP pack enabled and playback priority set to high and the buffer set to max (both options only available with DSP pack). I can't comment on the "phone" or "data" functionality since my S3 doesn't have service anyway. I run with airplane mode on.
  14. Looking for lightweight rom for S3

  15. Older topic, I know. I ran across this thread while trying to find something else. This may help someone, so figured I'd add it. This is the app that I used to "fix" this feature that Google implemented in 4.4 to prevent apps from writing to external SD. I found it on xda and downloaded from the Play Store. SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sdfix&hl=en It modifies the same platform.xml file and also creates a copy of the original before it makes the change. Reboot after using it. Requires root, obviously, but some people may not know that. You probably don't need it for a non-stock rom since those usually have already resolved this issue.