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  1. Google project fi

    Well I'm not keeping us cellular service so I'm tossing that Sim out. I'm past tired of how they've treated me.
  2. Google project fi

    That's not quite what I meant, I saw someone post that they were wanting to use project fi for their trip and switch back to uscc when they got home or something like that. T-Mobile says they will activate if the phone is unlocked and I'm wanting to do that but I'm unsure on the process Edit; It is as simple as swapping out sim cards. Nice[emoji1]
  3. Google project fi

    OK this is a bit off topic, but I noticed that some are talking as if they plan to swap SIM cards back and forth...is it that simple? I'm asking because I want to go to another carrier.
  4. Ehh, I was a bit inebriated at the time
  5. Rom Discussion Thread[Fav/Best ROMS]

    I liked chroma but tried terminus to more easily use the zen kernel. I'm quite happy with it
  6. Whoops. Yeah my bad. Thought I was in the nexus thread
  7. I'm having great results with Terminus and zen kernel.
  8. What is going on with my battery?

    I disabled permissions for play services to wake the device via app opps, and I disabled background data. I also did the same for google now, g+, and any google app that showed more activity than me using it. I'm not using greenify or servicely. I'm on terminus ROM with the latest zen kernel and using an inverted theme. FWIW, this is the first discharge cycle since I made those changes. Previously I was losing almost 10% per hour thanks to those apps. Edit* I decided to try this after reading that play services was responsible for doing OTA checks. Even if its disabled in a ROM, play services will try to check, get no response, and then try again if I understand what I read. This appears to have stopped that
  9. What is going on with my battery?

    I've still never had any device last that long. Had to get play services under control. I wish that Google would give options for how those features get used instead of we will just drain the piss out of your battery
  10. What is going on with my battery?

    screen time is only about 4 hours but still
  11. Battery Life and Charging

    38 hours and I definitely can beat this Unrooted stock, disabled background data in settings on certain apps like FB and such, Greenify on most of the same apps set to hibernate all at a press. It's not automatic unless rooted. And I'm not in the habit of switching it off myself yet, I may add tasker to that if I can figure it out anyway. LTE only for the screens
  12. [Nexus 6] Home Screen Screenshots!

    What's the name of that clock/weather widget, or link to google play? I looked for HD clock weather widget but didn't see anything that looked like that.That's HD widgets with the kairo pack and color weather icon pack, using no background and google now icons from the color pack
  13. [Nexus 6] Home Screen Screenshots!

    Been sticking with this for a bit now
  14. Case recommendations

    I ended up going with the first case I posted a link to and I'm pretty happy with it. It fits very nicely and actually makes it easier to grip. It also looks awesome on it, it looks like the phone was just made this way
  15. [HOW TO] Root nexus 6 WUG Toolkit

    Will I need to download anything before I do this? My phone is my only source of internet and I really can't screw it up. It's running fine but yeah. I'm too used to having root.