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  1. Galaxy S8

    Locked bootloader plus rumors of carriers installing spyware on android phones would kill this for me. Yes I know that USCC may not have those plans but the possibility will always be there since it's no longer illegal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Who are you voting for?

    Independents just can't catch a break even in informal settings. Anyway, Gary for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. data roaming deal

    Has the T-Mobile roaming helped anyone yet? Is it better than the sprint roaming and do you now roam on T-Mobile where you used to roam on Sprint? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. data roaming deal

    The USCC coverage map has been updated to show T-Mobile LTE roaming! Hopefully T-Mo customers will get USCC roaming soon too!
  5. data roaming deal

    USCC announced that they have figured out how to get their phones to roam reliably on different carriers for CDMA (Sprint/VZ) and LTE (T-Mobile and AT&T) to enable a quicker transition to allowing T-Mobile and AT&T roaming (without VoLTE). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I don't consider a total cutoff of service to be equal to unlimited 128kbps data. With safety mode you can keep using your phone with the cutoff you have nothing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I know they haven't responded to AT&T's unlimited plan but now their largest competition (their words) offers overage free data. USCC is now the only carrier that doesn't offer an overage free option. Will this move by Verizon be enough to cause USCC to change their ways?
  8. You can keep your unlimited data plan

    They did offer unlimited data with a tethering option at one time (for which I kick myself for not signing up back when they offered it).
  9. data roaming deal

    Has anybody exceeded 400mb while on LTE roaming? Were the throttle speeds faster? Did speeds drop down to the same throttle speed but on LTE or did you actually drop to 1x?
  10. 23 gigs then deprioritized which is different from throttled. When you're deprioritized your data works at full speed like normal and only gets throttled on congested sites. When you do get deprioritized its to semi-usable 3G speeds (768k ish) vs very low speeds with T-Mobile (~200kbps in my experience). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. USCC Not Participating in 600MHz Spectrum Auction

    CDMA does carry considerably further than GSM. It tolerates much lower signal strengths for allowing voice. CDMA 1xRTT 800 and 850 (Sprint and USCC 2G) are the only carriers that reach my cabin consistently. AT&T's HSPA/GSM 850 is certainly better than T-Mobile's GSM 1900 (they all are on the same towers out here) but it can't be counted on for always having signal (there are areas with no service where USCC will have 1 bar of 1x) I hope with 5G we see the concerns about newer generation techs (historically) not reaching as far as previous techs addressed. I would love to see 5G scale up coverage and link robustness in exchange for lower data rates where it has to so we can see signal in fringe areas like we do with CDMA today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. data roaming deal

    It seems like it has become in vogue to charge activation fees again (yay!). If they don't now they will later. To them, following AT&T's decision to add activation fees to their EIP plan makes perfect sense and should be done immediately. Following AT&T's decision to bring back unlimited data? That's something they have to mull over for a while (lose a few hundred thousand customers first). It's not price fixing it's competition. :roll eyes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. data roaming deal

    That's kind of the other cool part about getting a VZ hotspot. My whole family shares mine (of course mine is unlimited) on long trips. They use Sprint which has less than ideal data coverage in rural areas.With the one hotspot it's like we all are on Verizon (with unlimited in my case) but it's way cheaper. Their Sprint family plan is $220 a month or so, for four lines with unlimited data and phone subsidies. My T-Mobile line is $65 a month for my unlimited data plan and a phone lease. The Verizon hotspot is $65 a month with unlimited data. If i didn't have unlimited though, I would probably pay less and get the $35 prepaid 2 gigs for two months deal. We would still share it but use it more sparingly. With USCC you can do the same thing. You already have unlimited Verizon roaming for calls and texts, you just need the data part which you can get and share with the hotspot. With prepaid there are no overages, it just stops working after 2 gigs then you just revert back to using your USCC roaming to get by until the next month. Edit: You don't have to go the Verizon path either if you don't need to. If you want unlimited data roaming get a T-Mobile hotspot. It will cost you the same $35 a month but you get 6 gigs of data per month, unlimited music streaming, unlimited video streaming, each month has data rollover for a year, unlimited low speed data internationally and free full speed roaming data in Canada and Mexico. Even if you use up all of your rollover data and your monthly allotment, (which with their unlimited music and video streaming is pretty hard to do), on tmo you still get unlimited 128kbps internet (no overages ever). If T-Mobile doesn't cut it coverage wise and AT&T does, get a cricket sim on their $35 a month plan and throw it in a hotspot. You get 2.5 gigs of data at full speed then unlimited 256kbps data on AT&T's network. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. data roaming deal

    If they work most of the time then you can make it work. I have T-Mobile and they work 95% of the time for where I use my phone. For 4.5% of the other 5%, I have a Verizon hotspot and a cell signal booster. My T-Mobile phone functions flawlessly via wifi calling while connected to the Verizon hotspot.Prepaid Verizon on a hotspot can be ok pricing wise if you look at it as roaming data. Because of T-Mobile's wifi calling, it truly is on-demand roaming on Verizon's network when you use your hotspot. Which is just about the ideal network experience, (fast unlimited T-Mobile in most places with full Verizon roaming access where you need it), aside from having to carry around the hotspot. Verizon hotspot on a booster extending T-Mobile coverage in an absolute dead zone (No Service on T-Mobile, one bar of Extended 1x on USCC without a booster, 1-2 bars of usable Verizon LTE with it). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I use one of my grandfathered Verizon lines at my cabin in Locust Grove. I have to run it through directional antennas and an amplifier but it works and very reliably. I get between 6 and 15mbps out of it depending on how well I have my antenna adjusted.It's way more reliable than the Fairpoint DSL we could get out here (4mbps max with frequent dropouts). If it's been turned on more than a few hours, the modem decides not to work, If there is even the threat of a thunderstorm it doesn't work, if we need it to work it just doesn't work. It's made me so mad you can see the lengths I went to, to find a better option. My investment in LTE wireless equipment probably exceeds $800 to get the internet I do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk