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  1. Hot swapping carriers

    Thanks for the answers, I couldn't figure out the right search terms to get a specific answer in part due to Project Fi. After I learned Fi was getting USCC as well, I've been checking regularly to see if I can get it but it keeps telling me that it is unavailable in my area (Western Maryland/Eastern WV). I did not know about the VPN, I will have to check into that as well if I every switch to Fi. For now, I can use a vpn though my job.
  2. Hot swapping carriers

    I picked up a Nexus 6p 128GB and have had it activated on my parents plan (as a Nexus 6). I am moving onto my own plan but run into a few issues depending on where I am at. I regularly go camping where USC does not have coverage but AT&T does. I am also planning a trip to Vegas where USC roams but I have read that they would shut my phone off after 400MB of data usage which I am likely to hit due to not trusting the wireless networks while I am there (DEFCON). I am thinking of going with a Pre-Paid USC account but wondered if I could also get a pre-paid AT&T sim to switch between as needed. Is this possible or would this mess up the IMEI registration after each switch?
  3. [Support] Beanstalk

    I had tried that but it had not worked. I realized that it may still be running though so I force closed after freezing it and it seems to have stopped now. I alos noticed that NFC will not enable for me. I know this has been an issue with the CM builds so I don't know if there is a fix yet or not.
  4. [Support] Beanstalk

    DSP manager force closes whenever Play Music starts playing, changes tracks, or stops. It happens with a bluetooth device and not. Pandora and Digitally Imported are not affected by it and I don't have anything checked. I noticed a post on XDA from June but it did not have any replies on it and another post suggested to clear cache/data but that didn't help either. Do any of you have the same issue or know of a way to stop it from happening?
  5. After recieving an S3 from my brother when he upgraded to an S4, I attempted to root and rom after I activated it today. I ran into the same issue as plmiller0905 where I had issues getting service after installing this version of PA. Since I have been running it on my Nexus 7 I went to PA's official goo.im and got their gapps package to install. I did not install the Holo apps on the port post. Luckily the link plmiller0905 provided (http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/2592-last-attempt-to-fix-stuck-in-roaming-mode-for-the-sgs3/) also fixed the issue on my phone. I did have to do a wipe and reflash to get it booting again as well. As I am also new to Team US Cellular I hope I can help debug and test the roms to help out. I started with *****roms on my HTC Merge but never had much luck getting developer support and he has since disappeared entirely.