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  1. Join me in a teamviewer session. Keep dfs installed. Wont take more than 30 seconds for changing nv to ruim mode. Sent from my SM-G925P using Tapatalk
  2. Dial ##366633# on the phine. Enable diagnostic mode. Download and install DFS software. Connect phone to pc and launch dfs. Use dfs to change mode to ruim only from nv. To know how to do it just copy paste previous line in Google. Sent from my SM-G925P using Tapatalk
  3. Press and Hold Volume Down plus Power to poweroff/ reboot
  4. BTW, did anyone try putting USSC S6 in diagnostic mode to change NV items. I tried every thing I know. I can put the phone in diag mode, but it is not recognized by PC as a dig port. There is no option of "Enable CP logging" in recovery like some other S6 variants. The PC is unable to find any driver and identifies it as a unknown device.
  5. I can confirm that Us cellular version of S6 works on UMTS2100 band.
  6. AFAIK FCC approves bands only for the use inside USA. The phone may have additional capabilities. An example for this is Sprint variant of Galaxy S6. The FCC website doesn't mentions UMTS 2100 band, but it does works on that band perfectly. I have tested it.
  7. Moto X generation 2, has GSM bands. But when I insert any GSM card it asks for an unlock code, very much like a GSM locked phone. So in my view Moto X 2nd Gen though it is GSM capable the GSM functionality has been sim locked by USSC.
  8. CF-Auto-Root for USSC Note 3 is now available.
  9. and to be able to flash through adb, you need to be rooted. right ?
  10. Thanks for porting the ROM. A small guide to install the ROm will be appreciated by newbies.