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  1. Device Financing Plans

    The real advantage is twofold. One you can use the early upgrade plan if you're the kind of guy that needs the new model every year. Second, if you're looking for a mid-range device and have decent credit you can go in and walk out with a phone no cash up-front.
  2. New plans?

    New plans are out, in fact...
  3. No LG G2 for USCC?

    in my experience the S4 bucked the trend of Samsung having the weakest radio modules.
  4. Any Htc

    USCC quietly announced they weren't working with HTC anymore. I think it was a combination of the fact they only have 3.2% market share (last I heard) so it's not economical to order in the amounts required to get an OEM to make you a 4g device on your bands, and serious quality issues. In addition to the laundry list above don't forget the One V loses signal entirely if you damage the battery plate, lose it (that's where the antenna is) or don't have it clipped in just right.
  5. New Tethering Plan

    Let's put this in perspective here. USCC isn't going to court to fight for their right to charge you more money if you want to use certain websites, like Verizon is, or filing patents on technology that is deeply privacy-invasive to stop you from hiding your tethering or if what you're doing is against the TOS (Like AT&T just did). Honestly, I think getting upset at USCC is really misplaced anger. Get upset at either Google for implementing hard-blocking of tethering without a package since Android 4.0 or get upset at Apple and Microsoft for refusing to do so. The rules have always been the rules, tethering is not included in your package, and if you want to do it you have to pay extra. Whether that is moral or ethical or even good business sense is up to debate, but it is the policy and the data Terms of Use that you agreed to.
  6. What is happening to USC? Bad vibes

    Higher-level queues (relations, tech, helpdesk/escalations) are SEVERELY overworked at the moment, which is unfortunate.
  7. Motorola Moto G

    It's getting better views on Phonearena than anything else recently, which I Find interesting.
  8. Need help with new phone choice please.

    My opinion of the current mid-high end phone lineup: Note 3-- Premium performance, premium price, plus-sized. If the size doesn't bother you, and you can afford it, there's no reason NOT to. Build quality is impeccable, and it has as much power as some desktops, along with an impressive battery. Samsung takes a "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to features and come heavily bloated, and sadly most of the built-in apps can only be updated with a software update. Can use LTE and voice at once. depending on usage habits the S-pen can be just a gimmick or a huge productivity booster. Galaxy S4-- Nice sized, decently powerful. Probably the best performance of any phone that is not a phablet. Great camera, decent speakers, reception is good. Battery isn't oversized but is adequate for typical use. Samsung takes a "everything and the kitchen sink" approach to features and come heavily bloated. Can use LTE and voice at the same time. Moto X-- Less raw power, more refinement. Comes from the factory with near-stock loadout, but if you root that isn't as important. I like the soft-touch kevlar back, and they have some durability enhancements (waterproof coating on the PCBs inside, and around the bezel, for instance). The voice controls are outstanding. Cannot use LTE and voice at once but can use EVDO and voice. iPhone 5s-- iPhones are probably the most polarizing technology product in existence, Beta vs. VHS has nothing on the sheer amount of hate flowing both ways. The UI is very polished but a bit basic if you're used to android. Decently powerful performance, roughly equal to a Moto X, perhaps a bit better. Lacks some features that android users WILL miss (like robust cellular data usage tracking and limits), but if you're going from android 2.3 to iOS 7 you won't notice that as much. The screen is smaller than even cheap entry-level androids, almost laughably small in this era. When you can get an LG Splendor on prepaid for 200 bucks that has a bigger screen than your 800-dollar premium AAA-grade smartphone that's almost sad. Inferior camera to Galaxy series of the same generation. App store tends to be more expensive but universally higher quality than most Play Store apps.
  9. $50 unlimited everything prepay coming soon

    the speeds are faster, and the bandwidth is cheaper but people use a LOT more of it, "unlimited" users on 1x would use typically 3-4 Gb if they were really heavy users. Now it is not unrealistic for a power user to go through 80-100 Gb. Problem is that sheer quantity is not sustainable. Part of the purpose of limits is to reduce network congestion.
  10. US Cellular tower time servers inconsistent

    I did, in case it causes any security certificate errors, no response yet.
  11. $50 unlimited everything prepay coming soon

    dern, I was jumping up and down thinking I could save some cash over my old 2 phone belief plan. Unfortunately, these 2 items are a deal breaker. Guess I'll be another one reading the "fine print" if/when they roll this plan out. Two-stage dialing is mostly gone for true USCC prepaid roaming. U-Prepaid is still hit or miss, it's about 50% of areas. It's because of the iRoam system that is used for out-of-market calling. It only affects roaming, as well.
  12. Loyalty Bonus Points

    If you're not seeing service over roaming then you need to call tech/roamer services. I'll admit it gets my goat when people assume that technical issues are just a failure on USCC's part. I fight darn hard all day long every day to restore service to people. If you haven't given T/RS a shot at it don't be so quick to blame "poor service. There's a group of hardcore experts over in outbound roamer support that are dedicated to ensure our customers on other networks get what USCC pays for in terms of service. Sure sometimes we get a response over ROMS (roamer outbound services) from Verizon or IRIS (Sprint outbound roaming) that you're just in a known poor area but you know what? USCC switched from Sprint to VZW roaming for a reason, even though the rate was more expensive-- because the roamer company wasn't giving our customers the service we felt was sufficient for them and worth the price we paid. USCC switches aggressively, more than any other company perhaps, to ensure the quality of roaming. If you don't call in we can't fight for you but trust me. I can't think of many companies that would tell a major carrier to go pike it because they're not giving our customers good enough service...
  13. Roaming while in home area (Only voice not LTE)

    15125 is not the latest LTE PRL. That said, we see in-market roaming occasionally, it's usually either related to local tower outages or a device issue. we can troubleshoot it, checking the serving SID you are pinging from. The worst-case scenario is you are showing roaming but pinging off a SID/switch that USCC owns, in which case your phone is done for, it's not reading network states right, and they have to swap it out. Best-case you're just stuck on an alien tower and we can reset your visitor registry.
  14. Loyalty Bonus Points

    I should clarify there is no throttling before 200 Mb of usage in a month, as the quoted passage in my post indicated there was.
  15. S3 Replacement Question for an Employee

    If there's no line attached to the phone there's nowhere to put the shipment order. You could attach it long enough to get one then take it off though.