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  1. Lineage OS?

    I'll answer my own question. Looks like there is an Unofficial Lineage OS for Sprint that works once you edit the assert line of the updater-script to support trlteusc/N910R4. Its still a bit buggy but it runs FAST. Lineage is just so much more responsive. Its sad that Samsung chooses to bog down such great hardware with so much junk.
  2. Lineage OS?

    I know that there is no official versions but does anyone know of an unofficial Lineage OS port for the n910R4? Thanks!
  3. This ROM is awsome. Thanks WoundTight! But, is anyone else getting force closes when trying to print. Everytime I try to print from multiple apps the "Print Spooler" force closes. I have tried clearing the cache of the print spooler and removing the installed printers but no luck. Is it possible that maybe a little to much got removed in the debloating process? Printing worked before on the original samsung rom The rom has otherwise been running great. I am currently at 50% battery with 3hrs 3min screen on time after 15hrs and 44min. Thanks!
  4. Black Friday 2013! [UPDATED: 11/22 12:06 PM]

    Sam's Club is going to have the Galaxy S4 for $0.96 day after Thanksgiving.
  5. S4 price drop

    Sam's Club has it for $38.88 Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  6. Bluetooth share crash

    So far uninstalling Doubletwist seems to have done the trick. Let's hope that it stays that way until the underling issue is fixed by the powers that be.
  7. Bluetooth share crash

    I'm going to try to see if uninstalling Doubletwist changes anything. It only crashes consistently when I try to use it but maybe it's also does something in the background periodically that also causes a problem. If uninstalling Doubletwist doesn't work I'll wipe. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Bluetooth share crash

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Just switched from Sprint to US Cellular with a Galaxy S4. I'm currently on the stock ROM and have never rooted (yet). I just ran the system update and it told me I have the latest software. The phone has been great except for the bluetooth. Bluetooth share force closes frequently when useing media audio. It seems to happen more frequently useing some apps than others. Apps like google music or audible crash once in awhile apps like Doubletwist crash immeadiatly when you press play. Here is some info from Doubletwist: I have confirmed this with two different bluetooth headsets, a LG and a Planitronics. Both work fine with my old phone (EVO3D) and with a computer. It also happens after a fresh restart. This seems to behave like a software problem to me but I want to confirm that before my exchange period runs out. Is anyone else having this problem? Any other ideas? Thanks!