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  1. I know what the problem is but i cant for the life of me remember the fix. lgup cant identify the model. i member i had to flash some files and it fixed the unknown model. i have dug and dug and cant find the info anymore due it being an ancient phone lol. any answers are welcomed. if i find the fix i will be sure to post it here for use. any by throw a fit. they all throw the same error between their versions. i have tried multiple drivers and lgup drivers and not flash tool or lgup like anything tried. ve solved this before ugh. the phone works with custom roms and download mode and recovery work as well. initially when i rooted and custom recovery my boot was bumped and everything was fine. then installed fulmics and my boot reports secure boot error. it will still load but take a few minutes to get into os. UPDATE: After thinking about it I know I have to to flash the laf partition and possibly boot or aboot. for some reason or other even though download mode is functioning it is refusing to write the files basically.
  2. I know its an old phone but its all I have atm for prepaid. for some reason After I updated to Fulmics 7.6 or7.8 it would not revert back. all lg flash tools throw a fit. ive tried all different phone drivers and Im going insane. its not soft bricked or anything. i can power it on and boot up everything. just want stock back due to some stability issues. i hope someone can help. Confused as to what Im missing
  3. [How To] GSM unlock S6

    Has anyone tried this with Cricket Wireless? If so what did you do?
  4. Stock Zip?

    Is there a way and if so can someone make a flashable stock zip of latest? I dont have access to a pc right now so instructions wont help. Thank you for anyones time.
  5. JB Stock Files

  6. Strange request..

    Sounds great. Thank you so much. Looking forward to it.
  7. Strange request..

    If you could do that. That would be great. I can do the linux machine. If you can set everything up and provide instructions I would love to try. Could be a great learning tutorial for me.
  8. Strange request..

    I know people are gonna ask y. But I was wondering if someone could port me a cm11 rom for the g3 if it is possible. if not i'll find out fast im sure lol. its just a question.
  9. I did some installing from the other ports and they do the same. I understand the mac situation just knew that 2 hardwares with same mac is unusuall. So I thought Id report it. I understand its from source. Just wasnt sure if it would be something you would bother with. I even kept them from connecting to my router and the still report same mac after installs. in order to get back original mac i have to flash stock. Again just reporting my issue should someone else run into the prob. Also just did it to a 3rd device of mine and yes it is a us990 and same thing mac changes cause of rom. Not saying you did it just throwing it out for people to know.
  10. I have two us990 devices running same rom. I have an issue with them both clashing on the wifi network. they asct as if they both have the same ip or mac or id of some sort. i have gone as far as trying to use static ip's and clean installs. Still nothing. I am currently seeing if for some reason the mac is the same but I dont see why it would be. Just wanted to post this issue. Also would like to say thank you for your dedication on this rom Jorapi. I really do appreciate your efforts! UPDATE: This was happening with 7/3 and a 7/7 then flashed the 7/3 to 7/7 still same problem. Found out for some reason they both have the same mac. I didnt you a nandroid to restore either and both had fresh installs. so I'm thinking its in the rom somewhere. Not sure. Any help on th issue to understand what happened would be great. Thanx in advance. Update: I did restore stock and try 7/07 without a gapps and it did infact change my wifi mac. 7/03 is also changing my mac to the same mac.
  11. Stock ROM UK410 Needed

    Yeah my apologies. I did the same with the port I fouand and it did the same to me. FFound a site someone sai. Email me and Ill send you the file cause he searched everywhere and found it but never heard back. Still looking. Been busy with family troubles or I would have posted sooner. Will update as soon as I find a fix.
  12. Keep up the awesome work Jorapi. I appreciate your work. Very well done! Thank you!
  13. bump twrp with android 5.0.1

    The reason I say wait a few seconds before ctrl c and y out is cause I did it as soon as it told me to and my boot want nuts. Had to restock and try again. Worked great after I let it sit a second before finishing it.
  14. bump twrp with android 5.0.1

    Confirmed working. The version 1.5 of it tells you what to do. All you have to do is unzip it on your pc and place the kit Kat kdz file in the folder along with twrp. I downloaded the newest twrp for our device and just drag and dropped it on the exe called bump in the xtracted folder and it bumped it for me. Then ran the one click recovery bar and it walked me the rest the way through it. At the end when it says to ctrl c and y at the end wait a few seconds before doing it. Then it closes on you. The file it tells you to install through twrp is located in data/local/tmp good luck.
  15. Didn't think so but had to ask.