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  1. Is it sad that I have to come here to see news about ongoing development. I've rooted my S5 but still have the stock bootloader and stock ROM. Nothing out worth tripping Knox for.
  2. This use to be the thing that drove me to flash my phone, my Bluetooth headphones made this useless
  3. LG G3 Discussion

    I never have any issues with my phone that I haven't personally created. Is like a G3 as well. But I like my s5 just fine, even stock with root this thing is amazing.
  4. I almost made it all the way through work before I rooted the phone I just got today. Of well. This method was far too easy.
  5. So. As in gonna turn my S4 into a mini tablet for my kids. Which ROM would perform the best. I'd like to be able to disable hardware buttons and I plan on keeping it in airplane mode with WiFi only.
  6. What does it do? I have been looking for this. Thank you
  7. Can use Xposed for that too. The ROM has xposed installed within the system, but it just doesn't seem to work right. All my modules work but the search and download function are whacky. Do you think it would be safe to uninstall it and reinstall as a user app?I heard this is a lot like crossing the beams. It could be dangerous.
  8. Haven't even looked. It was either new phone or work towards replacing USB charging ports in two phones
  9. So. My s5 will be here tomorrow or wednesday
  10. Day one of latest OSE with alucard. Not bad. All 4g and about 2 hours of streaming Pandora
  11. TouchWiz is the devil. I'm gonna give OSE a couple days. See where it goesto was horrible up tell the s4. And is there a kt kernel for aosp still? If so I'm soldNewest KT is pretty nice. In currently using alucard. But there is also chronic, faux, and now googymax. So check out xda and pick one.
  12. TouchWiz is the devil. I'm gonna give OSE a couple days. See where it goes
  13. What do you know about setting up for f2fs. Like which partitions should I format what file system.
  14. There is a confirmed working fix for the fake id bug in xposed. So don't worry if the rom has the bug or not
  15. You "think" you are on OSE. Lol. What flaw are you talking about?The fake ID flaw