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  1. more issues arising...

    Are you on 4.4 ? yes
  2. more issues arising...

    Still having the issue of duplicate texts. It doesn't matter if I use stock or hangouts. I even tried completely disabling hangouts and a factory reset. I'm going to take it into a store tonight to see if they can help.
  3. more issues arising...

    Has anyone figured this out? I just got my moto x on 12-6 and it's having this issue.
  4. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    Doesn't 4g use way more battery than 3g anyway? It does for me at least.
  5. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    Has anyone updated to 10.1.2? I heard there was some problems, so I was wondering if there were any USC specific.
  6. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    Would that be different than flashing a backup of stock?
  7. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    I need help. I recovery flashed back to mb1 but the camera still doesn't work. I can't use odin because it says that the md5sum is invalid. Does anyone have suggestions?
  8. So should I try to flash the MD4 again?
  9. Well as of a couple hours ago, both links ended up being invalid MD5 values. Maybe something else is wrong?
  10. Is there a working link for MB1?
  11. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    Odin mb1 and install the newest stable release of CyanogenMod not the nightlies or the release canidate. You want to be on baseband mb1 for the camera to work Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 4 Beta I'm still pretty much a noob, so I'm not sure how to do this...
  12. CM 10.1.0 Stable Release...

    Just to let everyone know, I just flashed MD4 and now my camera doesn't work. It was fine on MB1.
  13. I'm on the 6/18 build,and my LED isn't working. Right after I flashed it worked, but I noticed it would turn on while charging, and blink on low battery. So I went to turn those options off and found out that they already were. So I got it to stop doing that,but now it doesn't work at all. Anyone else having this problem? Edit: apparently the led does work for low battery, but I can't seem to find how to turn it off.