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  1. TIBA, or Nexus root toolkit to back them up to my PC.
  2. I also use this one that Zenzr linked from amazon. In fact I think i was the one who recommended that he get it I also like this one
  3. If you are looking for a extended battery for your phone (not sure if zero lemon makes it for your phone) I have had very good luck with the brand. I had one for my S4 and I loved it.
  4. @Zenzr just upgraded a few months ago. I wanna say he has his for over 2 years. I had mine for about a year and a half and loved it.
  5. US Cellular is decent in the Green Bay to Appleton stretch.
  6. This was always something I loved doing as a kid. Props to you for taking your kids to places like this.
  7. Where was this photo taken? I loved taking hikes with my old man as a kid.
  8. ***None of this is my work I am simply providing the correct links for those who wants to add pixel features to your Nexus 6P ***Install this rom at your own risk. I am not responsible if your device blows up, your house gets robbed, or your wife cheats on you. There a few roms out there that will do what this rom does but this one has been the most stable for me. Pixel features: -Substratum legacy support. -Added pixel boot animation modded by me. -Added Pixel full mod credit to @gerard_f -Animated pixel navbar. -Night mode. -Blue color accent. -Round icons. -Google assistant. -Navbar tuner. -Pixel live wallpapers. -Pixel launcher. -Pixel sounds. Download the rom here:!35A1wTDB!wmp-UOmG6M5Zb1mZj3azGBi1T1ClacEci3Q-8LsssRw Vendor: Instructions: Clean install (recommended) -Reboot into recovery mode. (latest twrp recommended) -Make Wipe data / Factory reset. -Flash Rom Zip.(AND VENDOR IF NEEDED) IF YOU ARE COMING FROM ANDROID 7.0 AND LOWER FLASH THE VENDOR TO BE SAFE -Done... If you do not want the full rom but want the features of the Pixel, I highly recommend you check out this Screenshots: *Note: i am running a dark theme that can be found here: If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!
  9. Can I have one of those cookies?
  10. If I could like this twice I would.
  11. Haven't posted here in a while...
  12. I am 100 percent okay with TMO buying USC. TMO has so many cool features. My favorite being streaming music doesn't count towards your monthly data.