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  1. Take the plunge

    This is one of the reasons I bought through the google store. Sounds like people have had way better luck with them in regards to RMA.
  2. favorite way to backup apps?

    TIBA, or Nexus root toolkit to back them up to my PC.
  3. Cases For 6P

    I also use this one that Zenzr linked from amazon. In fact I think i was the one who recommended that he get it I also like this one
  4. Zero Lemon 8500mAh Battery Case

    If you are looking for a extended battery for your phone (not sure if zero lemon makes it for your phone) I have had very good luck with the brand. I had one for my S4 and I loved it.
  5. Still Have N6?

    @Zenzr just upgraded a few months ago. I wanna say he has his for over 2 years. I had mine for about a year and a half and loved it.
  6. TMO possible acquisition

    US Cellular is decent in the Green Bay to Appleton stretch.
  7. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    This was always something I loved doing as a kid. Props to you for taking your kids to places like this.
  8. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    Where was this photo taken? I loved taking hikes with my old man as a kid.
  9. Add Pixel features to your 6P

    ***None of this is my work I am simply providing the correct links for those who wants to add pixel features to your Nexus 6P ***Install this rom at your own risk. I am not responsible if your device blows up, your house gets robbed, or your wife cheats on you. There a few roms out there that will do what this rom does but this one has been the most stable for me. Pixel features: -Substratum legacy support. -Added pixel boot animation modded by me. -Added Pixel full mod credit to @gerard_f -Animated pixel navbar. -Night mode. -Blue color accent. -Round icons. -Google assistant. -Navbar tuner. -Pixel live wallpapers. -Pixel launcher. -Pixel sounds. Download the rom here:!35A1wTDB!wmp-UOmG6M5Zb1mZj3azGBi1T1ClacEci3Q-8LsssRw Vendor: Instructions: Clean install (recommended) -Reboot into recovery mode. (latest twrp recommended) -Make Wipe data / Factory reset. -Flash Rom Zip.(AND VENDOR IF NEEDED) IF YOU ARE COMING FROM ANDROID 7.0 AND LOWER FLASH THE VENDOR TO BE SAFE -Done... If you do not want the full rom but want the features of the Pixel, I highly recommend you check out this Screenshots: *Note: i am running a dark theme that can be found here: If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!
  10. Random Funny Pictures Thread

  11. Random Funny Pictures Thread

  12. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    Can I have one of those cookies?
  13. Random Funny Pictures Thread

    If I could like this twice I would.
  14. Random Funny Pictures Thread

  15. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    Haven't posted here in a while...
  16. TMO possible acquisition

    I am 100 percent okay with TMO buying USC. TMO has so many cool features. My favorite being streaming music doesn't count towards your monthly data.
  17. Random Funny Pictures Thread

  18. This is the end of the N7.

    Here's my 2¢ on why people are keeping it. On eBay they could probably get a ton of money for it. Since it is a powerhouse spec wise and if a person still has it, it's very rare. Not saying I would hang on to it, but I see why someone might. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  19. Random Funny Pictures Thread

  20. Google Project Fi

    You should use hangouts for sms Makes things a lot easier in my opinion. BorNX any good way for my roommate who has an iphone to get sms on his PC? Besides running a hacked VM of OSX to get iMessage? -Yes I've done that haha
  21. Google Project Fi

    For as smart of a guy as you are I would of expected more iR10. To do it you need to have hangouts be your SMS app on your phone. Next go to or and you should see all your messages. I use it all the time cause its way faster to type on a full blown keyboard, and when I am on call for a work call I can still have my hands available if I am working with a client. I use my headset and it works great.
  22. Google Project Fi

    Fellow Fi user checking in! I've been on Fi for about 6 months and have been very happy with it. Overall coverage has been great (central and western Wisconsin) and I really love all the features it has. The biggest being that I can call and text from my desktop.
  23. Thought I would ask and see what else you lovely people are into. I will start if off by saying I'm really into cars and especially motorcycles.I worked my ass off this summer and was able to buy a motorcycle. I've been wanting to get one ever since I was about 8 years old. Some other things I enjoy are playing drums, disc golfing, and fishing. I attached a picture of me on my motorcycle and if any one cares its a 2007 Suzuki SV650s. What is everyone else into? I'm curious to see what else you folks like to do.
  24. Nexus 6P Rom Index and setup

    I know myself and a few others have a Nexus 6P and I was curious to see what everyone else was running for their rom, recovery kernel, etc. Also are you using the latest and greatest system less root or no? Index If I need to add to this list let me know! Original Android Development - Marshmallow [ROM][ANGLER][MDB08M]Cataclysm for Nexus 6P[ROM] Vanir + Commotio -- AnglerAndroid Development - Marshmallow [ROM][N6p]-AOSiP-Marshmallow[ROM][N6P] BeanStalk 6.0.1[ROM][MDB08M][sM] Benzo Rom[ROM] CandySiX[ROM][N6P] Chroma | AOSP[ROM] CleanCore N6P | 100% Lean Stock[ROM] Cortex[ROM]Digitalhigh6P Xposed | Root | CMSenseApps | Moar | Multikernel | Aroma[ROM] MELLOW-ANGLERrom[ROM][OFFICIAL][6.0][LAYERS] Minimal OS for Nexus 6P[ROM][6.0.1][ANGLER][NIGHTLY] Official Mokee Open Source Project[ROM] ✵ N6PanglerM ✵ MBD08K ✵N6P-Angler-MDB08M-DEODEXED-ROOTED[ROM]Nexus6P Stock ROMs[ROM] [AOSP 6.0.0_r26] noobbuilds | Nexus 6P - Angler[uNOFFICIAL] [ROM] [6.0.x] [NIGHTLY] OmniROM[ROM][ANGLER][6.0] PhotonAOSP | DT2W * Layers[ROM][6.0] ★ Pure Nexus Project ★ Layers | Fi | WFC | VoLTE ★[ROM][KERNEL]ResurrectionRemix[ROM][6.0.0_r26][uBERTC]Screw'd Android - LAYERS!![ROM][NOV 10][Team Nocturnal] SinLessROM[ROM][ANGLER][6.0_r26][MDB08M] SiriusAOSP[ROM] Stock With Goodies | Multi-Window | Dynamic NavBar | Landscape | & More[Angler][Nexus 6P][ROM][CM13.0][6.0]Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build[ROM] Ti-X 1.0 Nexus 6P[ROM] VRToxin - MM6.0 (angler)[ROM][6.0.1_r3] XenonHD[ROM][6.01]xTraFactory Odex xTreMe BatteryGeneral - Marshmallow [ROM][CM 13] (angler) CM13 nightlies
  25. I thought I would start this thread since there is SO much development for the Nexus 6. Here are links to a few Roms: Slim Rom: Rasta Pop: Resurrection Remix: CM12: Vaidus ROM Downloads! Chroma: Dirty Unicorns: Here is the latest test build: https://www.androidf...916177934518483 So lets get the discussion going! What is everyone running and what have you tried and liked or not liked?