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  1. Well, I'll take one for the team. 3/4 way to 22gb already ha
  2. Have no throttling, video streaming restrictions or any other issues to report what so ever. I'm assuming no one else does either.... It would have been reported ha.
  3. My local Walmart and Sam's Club still have two year agreements. The USCC reps will even tell you that's only place to get them.
  4. Yes, sold.
  5. Completely forgot to check. Sold it locally
  6. Good question. I'll have to check later.
  7. Have a spare D VR I'll throw in if buyer pays shipping. Rather not deal with Ebay if avoidable.
  8. 20 day old Pixel 32gb. As new condition. In a spigen liquid crystal case and supershieldz screen protector. Comes with all OE accessories and box. Snagging a lightly used XL 128gb from a buddy tomorrow. Won't need this little guy. Cross posted. $425
  9. Yep and no contract either. I was out and remain out of contract.
  10. That's the only issue I've read on clear cases. Figured for $8 I'd give it a try. The Diztronics look nice with the color options. The screen is rolled on the edges so the protector can't reach all the way out. The feel is ok though and with case, it matches up perfect.
  11. Curious what others are using for cases and screen protection. Usually run a naked device but the price of this thing.... Spigen has always been my case of choice. Their slim fit stuff is bare able to me. Got the liquid crystal case and a supershieldz glass protector.
  12. Yeah, the dive in and sort it out later theory has crossed my mind also.
  13. Well, if they throttle, I can't find it. Tethering and YouTube run 4k no issues.