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  1. Any pixels gone into settings and checked?
  2. Hmm, mine had been seamless. Only thing I notice is getting use to "HD" connection.
  3. If you own the phones you could justvswitxh back. You can tell they stretch the towers out to the max in order to achieve the largest network. Unlike USCC and others that have better over lap. That said, it works 99.9% of the time and WiFi calling makes up for the rest.
  4. Haven't found a spot where I lose service yet, we'll, except in Walmart but speeds out of town are generally like USCC
  5. Yep, almost all of Cedar falls/Waterloo has the potential to pull those numbers. It's nuts. I streamed my kids soccer game to my wife, Crystal clear.
  6. Can't understand what the big wigs are thinking when competitors are upgrading so fast and offering more for less. Basically my whole area is crazy fast now and not throttled on unlimited.
  7. Went unlocked phones two years ago to keep my options open. If I'm paying for a phone, I'm banking on my self, not phone installments. In the end, when USCC pulled the 1.5 crap, it worked out great.
  8. All the people I talk to have no idea the throttling is happening but certainly know the speed is terrible. My whole home town is betching about it (small-town). Most just think USCC has gone to crap and switch to Verizon without knowing it was intentional
  9. Unlimited Total Plan? Only the unlimited is being throttled.
  10. For sure. My test was in town. It's crazy fast there obviously. At home it's around 8 down although USCC was 4-5. Some spots are better, some are worse but at least it isn't an intentionally neutered plan.
  11. Got a new smoker this weekend. 14+ hours of cook time already on the Jim Bowie GMG grill. Pork butt and ribs.
  12. Ah, and all the Facebook comments were removed but I remembered the messages....
  13. Welp, had to jump ship. Tired of, well, all that was discussed in here. Two lines of V unlimited was $10 cheaper.
  14. How can this company do such a terrible job training reps on their own plans? It's like they hire meteorological flunkies.
  15. And, all the reps comments stating no throttling has taken place have been removed. Also all the speed tests and responses in the consumer comments on Facebook. Full damage control.