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  1. For sure. My test was in town. It's crazy fast there obviously. At home it's around 8 down although USCC was 4-5. Some spots are better, some are worse but at least it isn't an intentionally neutered plan.
  2. Got a new smoker this weekend. 14+ hours of cook time already on the Jim Bowie GMG grill. Pork butt and ribs.
  3. Ah, and all the Facebook comments were removed but I remembered the messages....
  4. Welp, had to jump ship. Tired of, well, all that was discussed in here. Two lines of V unlimited was $10 cheaper.
  5. How can this company do such a terrible job training reps on their own plans? It's like they hire meteorological flunkies.
  6. And, all the reps comments stating no throttling has taken place have been removed. Also all the speed tests and responses in the consumer comments on Facebook. Full damage control.
  7. Just received a long voicemail from tech on my ticket, explaining why my data is so slow and how I can upgrade to speed things up. They must have just received training Haha..... Or, damage control has started.
  8. My Instagram, Facebook and everything else is slow. They are straight up pinching the pipe....
  9. Bunch of customers posted speed test pics on their Facebook page after reps denied that throttling was occurring. Those comments and pics have been removed.
  10. Did USCC remove all the speed test pics in the comments or am I just missing them ha.
  11. That former att employee though....
  12. Why were some allowed to stay on the original unlimited plan? Allow some to stay to avoid litigation, so they can label the others abusers? I'm not a conspiracy theory nut but..
  13. Yeah,not sure what the deal is but I know several people with Iphones that are not effected. Doesn't much matter to me.
  14. And, cut
  15. My verizon Sims will be here Friday. Been burned by them changing the rules so many times since 1999. I was going to Verizon when they announced unlimited but of course gave USCC a chance when they followed suit (kindof). Have been out of contract for a bit now and the big V is strong in the Cedar Falls area now. PS, not one rep in my corporate store knows anything about the HD option. They are steaming amongst themselves for moving to the plan also. Openly complaining about it in front of customers....