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  1. If anyone could make this happen I would generously donate!
  2. So if I wanted the full bloat I would flash the ROM then the fully bloated zip over it?
  3. Attempted to flash. Flash failed. (Bad file)
  4. Stock Rooted Deodexed MF5 cwm flashable

    Much appreciated!
  5. Stock Rooted Deodexed MF5 cwm flashable

    Ya I have tried it all and on several different computers. I believe it's something with my phone itself. All the computers recognize my phone just fine as a storage device and in USB debugging mode. Just not in download mode. I have done every possible thing I could think of to troubleshoot it. Still nothing. Its been this way since I tried unrooting the device by flashing stock with mobile Odin pro.
  6. Can anyone make this happen? I was gonna flash the stock file with Odin and just root with CF but for some reason every computer I try won't recognize my phone in download mode. And yes I'm sure the proper drivers are installed correctly. Lol
  7. Could you post a download link for a working MMS.apk if you don't mind
  8. Love this ROM!!! Only problem is I can't send text MMS messages. Pictures send just fine. But when I try to send a long text with enough text that it had to send as mms it always fails to send. Any ideas?
  9. MIUI V5 Port

    Ooo boy!!!! Lol
  10. MIUI V5 Port

    Any developers out there willing to try to make this happen? I would definitely donate!!!