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  1. "Just got the S5" discussion

    One screw that's it.pull it out and replace. Super easy.
  2. [Two Word Game]

    Discretion suppression
  3. "Just got the S5" discussion

    Got 5 on ebay. Easy to replace but don't need it cause I got a mophie juice pack and it's awesome
  4. Case reviews

    Mophie juice pack is awesome. Durable. Extra battery life (like I needed it) and bought a glass screen protector and it all fits great. Now it's not so thin and I know where it is. A+ I recommend it. One thing i don't like is how the case distorts the s5 audio sound.for that reason I would consider switching. I like using it to listen to music.
  5. OK. So Odin ing the towlie(southpark method) aka this forums method still works. It did not trip Knox. I have not put a custom recovery on it. I'm on nk1 so I used that kernel when odening the 2nd time instead of the ang3 one. Everything works WiFi and all. I am using a unlocked s5 unlocked by uscellular. As of oct. Something. Easypeezy.
  6. do tell? i also would like to root. Is all working with cf autoroot?
  7. Case reviews

    Anybody try the the mophie space pack. Picking it up tomorrow. Let ya know.
  8. How do you like it?

    New to the motox crew. Where's the rooting section?
  9. ¿? Riddle me this ?¿

    There's always bills cipher...
  10. ¿? Riddle me this ?¿

    Barndawg is up
  11. ¿? Riddle me this ?¿

    When an Ice Cube melts in a cup of water does the level rise or fall.
  12. [Game] Last Post Wins!

    Your face