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  1. hero s stock rom?

    Not sure I've tried to download the image to my phone and my computer with the same results. Invalid zip, not sure where else to find the stock ruu, might just have to scrap this phone, and sell the parts. Don't know what else to do?
  2. hero s stock rom?

    Snodrog, I would like to thank you for taking your time to reply to me so swiftly! I downloaded the stock hero S RUU and it turned out to be an invalid zip. The only other thing I can think of is if someone had a stock nandroid backup img would it flash in hboot? I can't unlock boot loader or create a gold card as USB debugging is disabled. Any other thoughts or ideas would be great fully appreciated! Thank you for your time in dealing with my problem!
  3. hero s stock rom?

    Hero S stock rom invalid zip?
  4. hero s stock rom?

    I need a stock RUU for the hero s as I relocked the boot loader and tried to flash back to stock and mainver is older error appeared, tried to unlock boot loader and USB debugging is not enabled, I believe a stock ruu with mainver 2.12.651.5 will get me out of this mess. Thanks for reading and any help to get me out of this delima would be greatly appreciated!