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  1. My electrify is bricked "I think"

    I know this is an old thread, I was having the same problem playing around with my old electrify today. I was forgetting fastboot oem unlock **************** so I never unlocked it. Ended up with Failed to boot 1 and couldn't get out of it(not even with 2.3.5 sbf). I started the whole process over again and made sure to enter fastboot oem unlock with the retrieved code and finished the steps and it's up and running fine now.
  2. If you get a chance, could you take a look at JellyBomb 21.0.0 and see if the converter needs to be updated?
  3. LK8 Converter works
  4. unfortunately no... everything was hosted on devhost. so anything that didn't get downloaded over X days automatically gets deleted. i might have to remake them unless i have backups somewhere or someone can post them. i'd say try the lk8 perseus one for now. if that doesn't work. we'll get it worked out. i've tried lk8 also it didn't work. I even tried ma7 and mc2 from one of your other posts
  5. neither perseus converter works you wouldn't happen to have mirrors of the stock ones would you?
  6. alright, well I'll try them out and post which works
  7. i have uscellular mb1 or me2 not quite sure which
  8. is there a converter for build amb1?