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  1. *228 to activate a second (backup) iPhone

    You will still have to call and have it re-enabled on the account. They may or may not still have the IMEI number on file, so be prepared to provide it again.
  2. Mine seems to behave the same way as well. Unless I force it to US cellular it wants to stay on t-mobile, which is weak in my area also.
  3. I haven't heard anything more than some of the published reviews. Maybe when the 3 comes out, the 2's will come down in price a bit..... I'm happy with my 2xl, and my wife appears to be happy with her 2. I was disappointed though that Google was offering discounts(aka promo's) for the 2xl but not the basic 2. She absolutely did not want a 2xl even though I could get it for the same price as a basic 2. Is your wife going to join you on fi, or she going to stay with her current carrier.
  4. Used phone choices up to $200?

    I have an S7(std NOT edge) we are no longer using since changing to Project FI..... would be interested in selling for a reasonable offer.
  5. I've also made the change to a Pixel 2 XL(64Gb). I can say the it is a vast improvement from my S4... I'm also using the Google FI service at this time with it, I'm wanting to evaluate how well the FI service is for me. If I like what I see/hear/pay(and I am so far.....especially with the rebate) I'll get a Pixel 2 for my wife, port both our existing #'s and give USC the heave ho.....
  6. COE credit is not automatic

    Just a word to the wise, as your phones are paid off, upgrade eligible if not bought outright, YOU have to ask for the "customer owned equipment" credit, it is not automatically applied to your account...... Free money for them if you don't catch it......and I didn't for 2yrs... uggg. $700+ lesson learned.... The credit is not what it used to be either. I have one that is 30 and now the one that I missed is only 20.
  7. Shared Connect Plan / "Prepaid Only" Phones

    On my bill, by partner discount($18) is only applied to the "monthly service charge" for the base plan service($90 for Shared Connect 10GB), not the individual monthly phone fees($128 for my 5 lines). If that makes it any easier to understand.
  8. [Two Word Game]

    technologically inhibited Have a few coworkers who could care less about learning anything that has to do with advanced technology. They would rather have a rotary phone on the wall, or better yet a party line..... lol
  9. New Boards?

    Found the answer to my question.....
  10. Samsung Galaxy S 3 Hardbricked..Please help.

    You might do some google research on "Samsung USB JIG" for entering forced download mode/unbricking. It is discussed on the XDA forums, as well a quite a few U-tube vids. I've not used one, don't have one, pursue at your own risk.
  11. data roaming deal

    Well, nothing different since last month or last March...... 3G
  12. data roaming deal

    I'll be in MD this coming weekend, wonder what I'll get out there.......
  13. Formatting SD card

    Ok, update... Got the card today, put it in the phone to format it, all is well so far...... Once I realized I needed to install the exfat app's(ie drivers), I was able to load the card with all the info from the old one as well as the extra movie videos. Re-installed the card in the phone, phone reads it a-ok, movies play just fine and the camera can write to it, so all is good. I got a Samsung 64Gb class10 from Amazon for $25(on sale), only to see that it's now $20(more sale).....oh well not going to fret over $5.....
  14. Formatting SD card

    Haven't recieved it yet..... will let you know how it turns out.
  15. Formatting SD card

    Thanks Rub, that's kind of what I thougth.