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  1. Any custom ROMs out for this yet?

    Since the Sprint TWRP recovery works on our phones, does that mean sprint custom roms work too? Has anybody bothered to try one yet?
  2. TWRP

    Ok just talked to the guys at TWRP. They're telling us to flash the sprint image that can be found here: Works perfectly.
  3. TWRP

    I'm using this one.
  4. TWRP

    Anyone figure out how to install a working TWRP recovery image on this phone yet? Every time I try to install twrp, it wont recognize my touches and sends the phone into a boot loop, forcing me to reflash CF autoroot. Any news I'm not aware of?
  5. Root for S6

    Oh and if you try installing twrp from the app, the phone will keep trying to boot into recovery. This is a problem, of course, due to the touchscreen issue. The only way I was able to get out of this cycle of recovery reboots was going into download mode and rerooting my phone.
  6. Root for S6

    TWRP Touchscreen issue confirmed
  7. Root for S6

    Anyone figure out how to root this thing yet?
  8. Update: I woke up today and reinserted my sim card and battery. That fixed the problem. I only hope this isn't just a temporary fix. I will give another update if that's the case. If I don't, consider this closed.
  9. This guy's instructions
  10. I've been testing out a lot of roms lately, trying to see any rom released recently could pry me off of 4.2.2 liquidsmooth. However, after I flashed from 4.2.2 liquid to 4.4.2 slimkat, I NOTICED (I had flashed some other roms prior to slimkat) that I could only access US Cellular's network while connected to wifi. I can make calls and send texts with wifi on, but as soon as I turn it off, my network disappears and I am left with only grey bars, no blue ones (I am in 4.2.2). No texts, no calls, and no LTE, even though a useless grey "4g" symbol does pop up on top of my grey network bars for a slit-second a couple times a minute when I'm off wifi. (See pics) I have tried numerous different methods of fixing this issue, from flashing 4.3 TW stock, to 4.4.2 and 4.2.2 factory resets in TWRP, to 4.4.2 and 4.2.2 factory resets from the Backup/Restore option in settings, to calling *228, to following this guy's directions all to no avail. I am going to leave my battery and my sim card out of my phone while I sleep. If my network doesn't work when I wake up, I really don't know what else to do guys.
  11. [ROM] Jellybam v10.0 - official

    I flashed the CWM recovery and I'm still getting the "system ui has crashed" popup...I give up on this rom