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  1. [Game] Last Post Wins!

  2. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Just flipped my son onto his own personal unlimited data plan with Verizon. Correct, none of the discount plans other than military are allowed at this time.
  3. Which new phone?

    Just moved 120+ business lines, mainly Iowa and Illinois. So far no complaints on coverage.......
  4. Good bye :(

    Not much of a contributor to this site, but have learned alot from all of you. We jumped ship to Verizon with our company phones here in Iowa so it's time to say good-bye. I will pop in and still keep tabs of things, maybe swoop in for a comment or 2 and still check out all you techies for advice when things go boom with phones. Keep on with dispensing your words of wisdom for the few, the proud, the USCC faithful. Blessings Hawkcell
  5. G5 - Anyone Got One

    Make sure not to let it go down to zero charge. Had one do that and it fried the phone.
  6. Question about leaving US Cellular

    Just noticed this on the USCC commercial, they will pay your ETF OR your phone off, not both. They make it seem like it's both by stating both in the ad but the print below says "OR".
  7. LG G3 Marshmallow

    Don't be in a big rush, I have the LG G3 on Verizon and the Marshmallow update is not the greatest. Seems to run more battery time and there have been a few quirky things like the battery full notification stopped and the response with the back button seems to run slower since the upgrade. Nothing major as far as plus things that I have noticed other than the font changes.
  8. I have a USCC LG G3, great shape. Will even throw in a pink case.
  9. data roaming deal

    Hmmm, False advertising? Let's start a class action lawsuit.......
  10. Outage?

    :unsure:Everyone seems clueless at USCC as to why it happened. NO reason, other than possibly the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?
  11. Outage?

    USCC rep said multi-carrier issue with wireless as well as century link(Iowa internet provider) google and others. National outage with no set resolution, however, some intermittent issues with it working. Just data (texting if using I-message) should not mess with calling. (like anyone does that anymore lol). No data in Moline Illinois but do have some in Cedar Rapids Iowa with data working.
  12. Outage?

    Just called into major accounts, data outage is 9 states, also their computer system is down.
  13. Cracked screen

    Just googling screen repair, it's going to be close to $200 for the g4
  14. Cracked screen

    Check local Best Buy or computer store. My guess is it will cost $100-150 roughly to have them fix the phone.