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  1. Sorry, havent been here, too busy working on other projects, and the atmosphere of the crowd here is less than I had expected from such a small group of people...usually the friendships are closer knit, and less cutthroat... I will be around, but not here, and any of my efforts will be posted in a place less doubtful and critical of my works.. be well, and good luck
  2. Note 5 Stock Firmware

    BTW... Not sure about this 5.0 OGE file..I have tried Odin flashing it, and got a fail every time I am wondering about there being a security aspect keeping you from downgrading
  3. ok, well I spent the moring working with this rom, and went into it and changed a few things, so it is all inclusive now, and you dont have to mess with flashing a kernel afterward, or worry about the modem either.. theres a WFC function in the rom that is useless to us, and I have yet to figure out if its possible to hac...oh i mean fix. Anyone who is interested in a link to the updated patched version, let me know, or you can just flash it using the instructions i already posted
  4. The credit goes to the guys who built it..for sure..and then putting some heads together to figure out what needed to be done to make it work.. I was not alone in this endeavor..thanks also goes to a guy named "Smiley45"
  5. Deleted the other post...should be cleared up now.. I was trying to do it all from my phone on the couch...had to get the laptop
  6. ok twrp wizards... heres a tweaked version of a different rom... Its recommended to obviously do a full backup..including modem and efs, then go back and remove your google account, phone call history, contacts,and calendar data (these things seem to matter for some strange reason) Try dirty flashing first, using the pc3 kernel first..and after the first boot you can go back to twrp and flash a different kernel if you have a better one that works for the R4..i posted one in a different thread. No guarantees, so dont skip your backup steps here is the link: LINK REMOVED UNTIL MORE INFO AND DETAILS PROVIDED - SNODROG742
  7. Its in this thread: http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/8703-custom-roms/
  8. Unified Android Toolkit - Root, Flash, etc

    ok, but the toolkit directly links you to the correct firmware to download if you screw things up, gives proper warnings on every step of the way and explains risks and the "why's", it even loads Odin and tells you how to flash... this is SOOOO many light-years ahead of "one-click root" and is honestly, above the comparison.. It was assembled by devs...so NO, not all devs would agree with you, as i do not.. Its written by Mark Skippen, a retired Senior Moderator on XDA, and currently supports over 33 devices...really, know what youre knocking down before you mislead a noob who could profit BTW..heres a link to chase: http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=894259
  9. Latest update problems with LTE?

    it was the latest build from July.. I live in New Hampshire
  10. Latest update problems with LTE?

    Yeah, when all else failed after exhausting every effort on my own, I brought it to a store, and they told be it was the update..in my region, it killed the ability to pick up 4g service
  11. the latest update, kills 4glte in tons of customers phones tried a new sim, tried Odin Flashing Stock Firmware, tried a tin foil helmet, no results even pulled the modem file from a different build, created a .tar file and flashed it...no good
  12. Unified Android Toolkit - Root, Flash, etc

    which is all well and good, but even for those people, there are built in ways to UNDO everything done..Noobs have to start somewhere, without having the inconveniences of having bricked devices..and it makes the learning experience less expensive...in the end, if two people have properly rooted devices with custom recoveries, who's device is better?? By your school of thought, it would be the one who learned to do it all manually?? Seems the smarter of the two got a super simplified program, and in less than 5 minutes, got the job done...lol. I completely understand how you feel, i have been rooting for a very long time, have worked on dev teams writing roms, and have my own kernel releases in the past back when the LG G2 first came out...but this was an attempt to save a few souls and open the doors to more people....we are not the only ones worthy of this kind of fun...