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  1. What Rom Is Everyone Running?

    I'm still running this ROM on our US Cellular Note 4. I haven't felt the need to change, and it allows me to effectively use the ZeroLemon battery.
  2. Okay, I'm on this ROM now, it works excellent. Any particular settings in Kernel Adiutor you recommend? Thanks!
  3. Hey man, what's the difference between running AOSP or a ROM like cmremix which is like 1.8GB? Is cmremix a ROM created from scratch, and AOSP is based on stock? Is there anything wrong with sticking by AOSP ROMs?
  4. Hey WoundTight are you able to add this extended battery replacement file to you're source code please? I have the ZeroLemon extended battery, which currently gives inaccurate fuel gauge readings without this file.
  5. When checking for bad imei, do they need to be on US Cellular's network? Thanks!
  6. Signal Issues

    I'm by you man! East of you. The town you're referring to might be Grinnell. I'm in that area. Are you having problems?
  7. Signal Issues

    Any of you guys having signal problems today? I had dropped calls, no service, couldn't text even outside. Service is working okay right now.
  8. I paid our cell phone bill with my Grandma's credit card over the automated system last night. This was the last purchase she made. Today she was notified of unauthorized purchases with her credit card. Would US Cellular offer any compensation for this? Should they be notified? Her credit card company is aware of this issue.
  9. Hey WoundTight, have you heard anything about the latest NK4 update?

    IceWolf, what's you're favorite tmo ROM so far?
  11. Your Welcome WoundTight! How is CM12 on our Note? I'm running the latest Firekat ROM, not sure if I should switch.
  12. I've sucessfully clean flashed this T-Mobile ROM, with no apparant issues, here's how: Clean flash the ROM, starkissed kernel, then flash WoundTight's converter, and finally this patch, reboot. Go to the phone info hidden menu and switch from CDMA/LTE to GSM/LTE back to CDMA/LTE. When you activate GSM, you should have a roaming indicator and 4G. Make sure to activate US Cellular as a preset APN, and the APN is enabled in Mobile networks/access point names. To get to the hidden menu, I installed the Phone INFO *Samsung* app from the playstore. Once you switch back to CDMA/LTE, you should keep the 4G, and mobile data. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone else, but I have it down. Let me know if you need something explained in more detail, as I'm not a developer. WoundTight and DClark deserve credit on this, thanks guys!
  13. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Tried chatting with US Cellular to see the status of my order, and my dad walked up stairs with a box in his hand. I got the Note 4! He said they delivered it about an hour ago. Should be a good upgrade to the S3, can't wait to play with it!
  14. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Yeah it has to have a value of $10 or more. If you can't get the Note 4, check out the LG G3 or the new Moto X. They look like nice alternatives!
  15. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Pretty exciting day! I preordered the Note 4, and will be able to trade in my S3 for the $200 off. I think it will go nicely with my Galaxy Tab Pro! Do you guys purchase the $9.00 device protection on your new purchases? I'm getting the ZeroLemon case when it comes out, made my S3 immortal.