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  1. Has something to do with putting it in developer mode. I don't quite get it but at least it's an option now. There was a slickdeals thread about it since eBay had some white Verizon note 4s for 280. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Well, one thing I noticed is that my SIM card is smaller in my s7 so I don't know if there is an adapter. I was all ready to send my note 4 in to Verizon since they will give me $250 for it and then marshmallow came out and it is really nice. I could just get a Verizon note 4 but I really don't want to spend money... I wish I could swap with someone. Verizon note 4 just finally got unlocked boot loader but I don't see marshmallow yet.
  3. There any chance I can use my uscc note 4 on Verizon's network? Does uscc unlock phones? Anyone have experience with this?
  4. Yeah I get that, dont know why I didn't have it before. I had 5.0 and TWRP and was rooted with chainfire and it never came up when I restarted my phone. Just trying to understand it is all... theres no way to hide it?
  5. Thats new with marshmallow? Didn't have that on Lollipop and I was rooted.
  6. Why does it say "set warranty bit kernel" every time my phone boots up? Just wondering, never seen that before. I don't like it but if it doesn't bother anything then I won't worry about it. Seems like that happens after flashing SuperSU. Thanks!
  7. If I use sprint roms whats the worst case scenario? I reflash stock if it is really broken? Do you have any flavor of rom you prefer that you could recommend I try out?
  8. I have a Note 4 that is no longer on a network and I can't use it for anything other than a Wi-Fi device. Does that open any options for me as far as ROMs? Needless to say, Data, Cellular, Phone/SMS/Texting won't be used at all since it has no sim card. Just looking for suggestions. Originally I had planned to use it as a car dock device to provide me with GPS functionality and maybe media playback over Bluetooth but I don't know how it will fare being left in the sun in a hot vehicle. My other option would be to turn it into a gaming device so I can emulate NES/SNES games etc. I would need to buy a controller for it, but that's not hard to do. I could potentially sell it to someone that is looking for a Note 4 in great condition and I read a lot of people using Swappa to sell their phones. But I like toys so I'm open for trying stuff out. Any ideas?
  9. screen calibration

    I got called for work and had to leave in a hurry. I really pissed off some people I guess. Maybe I'll do it different next time. I came back today to check and make sure everything was updated but I guess it's too late now. I'm really sorry.
  10. Touch Screen Calibration

    Hey, I'm real sorry about that. I meant to go back and update where I had posted and I thought I did. I was simply trying to post in places where it was relevant to my issue. Then I got called for work and it messed up my day entirely. I'm really sorry. I really feel bad now. I wish I could buy you a beer for the 10 minutes you wasted.
  11. screen calibration

    Rooting, enabling hidden menu and putting the code in dialer worked. I was able to update the firmware and fix the issue. Thanks!
  12. screen calibration

    Having this problem and the service menu codes don't work. I'll attempt to root and install root explorer to enable hidden menu but... what is phone info? Is that an app on the play store? Just wondering so I can get this resolved... aparently its a problem if you flash the wrong recovery which I did... chose the Note 4 Edge recovery by accident.
  13. Touch Screen Calibration

    This is the problem I have. S-Pen works fine but touch screen calibration needs to be fixed. Something about flashing the latest stock firmware screwed it up. Someone help the *#2663# doesn't work.
  14. I flashed latest N910R4TYU1BOG2 to my Note 4 and now my touchscreen is way off. I tried using the method *#2663# in phone app and *#0*# and I can't get the screen to calibrate my touchscreen. I tried reflashing, does nothing. I'm trying Kies now to restore it to stock and see if that works. Anyone have other ideas? Makes me wonder what else is broken...
  15. I'm having problems using and 3.0 where touching items doesn't work properly... it think its smaller than the actual screen. Anyone have the proper odin flashable recovery that I can use? Note 4 from USCC. It's no longer activated with USC but I want to use it as a Wifi device. Actually, my whole device (in Android) the touchscreen doesn't respond properly. the actual touch area is smaller than the screen so I have to guess where I am touching. What did I do to my phone? I flashed stock firmware in Odin... nothing else.