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  1. Dirty Unicorns

    I flashed a lollipop version of Dirty Unicorns because they claimed to to support my U.S. Cellular Note 3. It flashed perfectly but where it would normally activate cell service, it was asking me to insert a sim card. Does anyone know how to fix this? Was there something else I was supposed to flash? Sent from my SM-N900R4 using Tapatalk
  2. No stand alone kernals yet?

    Compulsion Kernel, best touchwiz Kernel
  3. I really want lollipop and I'll choose it over root. I just want to know if everything will still work like data.
  4. Yes I'm on Stock Touchwiz (I've debloated a bit of course) and I'm running Compulsion Kernel.
  5. While listening to google play music, it has bass and sounds good until I take the device out of my pocket and unlock the screen. Then the sound becomes really tinny and flat. Listening through wired headphones and the headphones aren't the problem (tested with other devices). How do I fix this issue?
  6. KitKat 4.4.4 update?

    IF they have it.
  7. KitKat 4.4.4 update?

    Grab it from the Samsung Website.
  8. How do I turn this into an mp3 player-only?

    My next question is when I try to flash a Kit Kat rom it fails because it doesn't have a 4.4 boot loader. How do I get the 4.4 boot loader
  9. What I want to do is remove all phone software so that this phone is just strictly used as an mp3 player?
  10. Which custom recovery do I flash and how?

    Yep yep. Never knew there was a Google Manager repo for it. For any one else who doesn't care about tripping Knox it's https://goo.im/devs/OpenRecovery/hlteusc/ I just flashed this with the latest SU Binary and I'm all set.
  11. Which custom recovery do I flash and how?

    No cares there.
  12. So my S4 decided to take a ride down the stairs, pushing me to upgrade my phone to the Note 3 (U.S. Cellular). I did the CF Autoroot, on 4.4.2 firmware. Only to discover that CF Autoroot does not install a recovery? What's the link to a guaranteed working custom recovery, and what's the guaranteed way of flashing it? I tried two, both were TWRP. The USC version would not boot up, and the Sprint version (which I was told would work) did work but I could not install USC custom roms because it would detect the phone was sprint and not U.S. Cellular. I am not worried about tripping Knox so please help me.
  13. Nevermind man, it just sort of corrected itself. While I have you here, can you provide proper links to CM12 and gapps for JFLTE? I'm not sure which gapps to use. There are a lot