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  1. New OTA update for Electrify M

    I flashed my mobile with the .13 sbf file after messing up on something. Once i flashed, i got this update notification.
  2. New OTA update for Electrify M

    I oberseved the screen flickering gone. Nothing much . you can download the sbf from here. http://sbf.droid-developers.org/phone.php?device=18
  3. Hi Guys, I am getting a new OTA notification for the system Android 4.1.2 98.22.14.XT901.USC.en.US Does this update break anything ? ... Do any one having this version already ? ... Can i get root after updating ? .. Let me know.
  4. ROM Converter for the Electrify M

    Guys i flashed a CM11 M2 and rom converter.4 , but i cant get the data running at all. I didnt flash the GAPPS at all . Is this problem exsists on all roms ?
  5. RageRom V1.1 for XT901

    I has become my daily driver. The rom and smooth and good. Use Arrghh kernel with it to get the full results. Give a try you wont be disappointed. 3G works fine, not sure about 4G i dont have 4G coverage here.
  6. Rage Rom V1.1 This rom is based on the Rage ROM V 1.0 created By BDAZZG1 for Razr M This is a Stock Based ROM With The Speed and Features You Love!! I want to give him full credit for the same. I slightly modified the rom so that it works with Electrify M without any issues and have done some Build.Porp changes. Download Path http://d-h.st/xYS
  7. Phone not recognizing SIM card!

    I am making a RageRom V1.0 based rom for our beloved Electrify M. Will upload the same after the baking is complete. You can try the same and it will not cause radio issues.
  8. Phone not recognizing SIM card!

    Nothing to worry , flash the phone once again with stock rom using RSD lite. Rage Rom has a inbuilt modem in it and it kills the network, so if you want to flash a ragerom , please remove the non-lhos.img file from the zip and then flash. Just flash the stock using rsd lite and you are good to go. Tarun i see you are from India , if you are still struck give me a ping at balabharathi1987@gmail.com
  9. Guys, Out of interest i was trying some stock based ROM's from Razr M development threads. Out of all the roms i tried, i DeadCalm1.4 is ultimate. I have personally tried this and its very good. Very good battery backup also. http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/17778-romretail-deadcalm-v14-7172013-412-base/ I am on NO 4G area, so cant check 4G , other than that everything works fine .
  10. HI All, I tried various kitkat roms available for Razr M .. I followed the general procedure to be followed for flashing the rom. The roms gets flashed fine and device is stable. However i am not getting data at all. Its simply doesnt get connected only. Do any one of you have data working in Kitkat ? ......
  11. Install Razr M Stock based Roms

    Its a flashable stock based ROMs. I am planning to give a try though ... Will let you know ...
  12. Hello everyone, I know we can install Razr M custom roms on our Electrify M. However , i am not sure whether we can install Stock based ROMs of Razr M in our device. Have anyone tried the same. ? .. Please let me know. I am planning to give a try to Energy Rom and Rage Rom.
  13. http://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/software-upgrade-news/g_id/1949 MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY M This device will be upgraded to KitKat (Android 4.4) Do you have the latest Motorola software? Find out. Receive emails when software updates are available for your device.
  14. The latest firmware download available from To be used with RSD http://sbf.droid-developers.org/scorpion_mini_xt901/list.php I loaded the 9.8.2Q-50_SLS-13 firmware directly from here and it works perfectly.
  15. XT 907 has already got the Kitkat treat. The beloved developer dhacker29 made the first rom the Razr M. This twitter feeds reads: Droid Razr M (xt907) AOSP 4.4 KitKat http://: androidhosting.org/Devs/Dhacker29/msm8960/full_xt907-ota-eng.dhacker29.zip … Gapps: http://d-h.st/EX1 Razr M TWRP 2.6.3 http://androidhosting.org/Devs/Dhacker29/msm8960/twrp263_xt907.img …