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  1. Good advice all rounds. I've been running that CM11 varient with Halo, though I mute the halo notices. Giis stuff. My radii and wifu work. This all that matters at this time. Thanks again.
  2. Yes thank you for the confirmation. I had a feeling it was more then my blind daft muddling. Im had downloaded the other cm11 varient and was trying to decided which way to go with loading. Phase 2 Likely Monday. I did a backup of 3.09 if I go back to cm11 to try future nightlys. Ill have to lookback and see if I have other cm 11 backups or at least clean instal with 01.18 update. Thanks again.
  3. ok where was I. that was weird. So I did a full clean instal, without deleting my data this time. I did a factory reset wipe, dalvik cache wipe and cache wipe BEFORE and AFTER the reinstall of the latest CM11, nightly-2014-03-09, and G_apps. I skipped most non vital apps in the auto instal and I am entering in most sign-in/log-in information manually and NOT using any settings back ups. Again day zero was 2014-01-18 because most updates past that date were having problems with connecting tsto so i dirty-downgraded. it was that initial dirty downgrade along with who knows what other updates, app installs and system changes etc. i do enjoy some of the system tweaks and updates over the last couple of months printing seems to connect better and other small system things. thank you all for now ok still getting the app reloading problem. it seems to be related to cellphone signal going in and out even if im connect via wifi data. as the cellphone icon goes on and off the apps are restarting with it. any ideas?
  4. wrong post. sorry again...
  5. sorry wrong post. my bad.
  6. i did not see the drama train coming. im not with him. "those are bebe's kids." so what im deducing is ive dirty downgraded, imported saved app settings and not deleted after upgrades. so it sounds like i need to go back and do a full clean install of cm11. maybe even if i have a stable backup on the sd card. and reinstall apps, without any saved settings, at least at first, and do a factory reset at the end. Does that sound about right?
  7. the restarting is not constant. its random. but when it happens it wont stop. like bookmarks through chrome in the cloud reload over and over.
  8. it might be wifi related and keyboard related but all is theory no way to show proof of cause.
  9. ive been busy for a while but i need help. no not money no not a 11 has NOT been running smooth....crashing app problems. I've been having a lot of apps crashing problems. when i say apps its apps that connect to the internet like google, amazon, tsto, etc. They boot but once i sign in or access bookmarks or right when it boots it crashes and restarts. Ive tried clean install of each rom version, factory wipe, clean catch and data of apps, turned off adblocking, tried the stock launcher. Any clue what I did or didnt do? the best nightly was back 20140118. it worked well with tsto. aaaaahhhhhh huuuu saaaaa
  10. [SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10.2

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got it all installed last night with the newer twrp. I am very happy and enjoying the little changes and the smoothness of kitkat. I now will enjoy cm11 and hopwfully beablw to return the favor in helping others. Thank you na7q and w4nje for your help.
  11. [SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10.2

    I found one of your,na7q's, other posts with your DL link for the proper r940 t0lteusc recoveries. I flashed cwm now. The twrp just doesn't like cm11. Cwm is nice though. I used the cwm and did a new back up of my current 10.2 nightly so when I get to flashing 11 and if it doesn't work I don't have to reset everything when goig back. Have not tried to flash cm11 yet though. I report back latter. Thank you
  12. [SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10.2

    Ro reword. Is there one specific Recovery Loader, CWM or TWRP and any version and cell carrier specific, that will work with Note2 r950 and install cm 11? Again
  13. [SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10.2

    OK I can't get the cm11 installed. Deleting internal system and data and after deleted cach. I also changed my recovery to cwm,touch and regular, got the error 7 and updated But it still was a no go. Na7q any advice or a route?
  14. [SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10.2

    I usually end up using the boot Recovery for rom instals and flash the proper Gapps while I'm at it, unless I forget and have to reboot again.