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  1. XT901 CDMA for Macau ChinaTelecom

    hmm....I just reference to all the same problem with U.S phone can't use Macau uim card to 3G , APN setting, just like "xiaomi1s" , "HTC EVO 4G Sprint " , they also had this problem before, but they fixed it and add the MCC = 455 , MNC=02 area to the kernel. I'm not sure XT901 can fixed this or not...>_<
  2. XT901 CDMA for Macau ChinaTelecom

    According to some people said that, this case in Macau , just because developer leave out the MCC = 455 MNC=02 area, so this area's APN can't add to the setting, so, I think this problem is not the same one to the Canada case.
  3. XT901 CDMA for Macau ChinaTelecom

    OK, I will try to use DFS tool or Workshop 2.7 to do it!! but I'm not professional user for this two tools
  4. HI All, I have a XT901 , and using it on Macau ChinaTelecom the ID:45502 MCC=455 MNC=02 I try all method from forums all around the world, but still can't use 3G here, but 3G can work on ChinaTelecom the phone already rooted, use QSPT setting 3G (1x/HDR secruity, M.IP, PPP config) already. PS: ChinaTelecom in China not equal ChinaTelecom in Macau so I don't know how to fix the 3G issue . every time I change the APN to 45502 , the 3G(or 1X) icon still can't display my phone information : system: 98.22.14.XT901.USC.en.US Android: 4.1.2 base version: SOLSTICE_BP_1539.000.34.01P kernal ver: 3.0.42-g20232a4 hudsoncm@il93lnxdroid84 #1 SMP PREEMPT tue feb 12 03:59:55 CST 2013 version: 9.8.2Q-50_SLS-14