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  1. Google Project Fi

    I'm in eastern Iowa (Dubuque Area) but live in illinois) and have uscc on project fi..... at home Sprint has a better signal but when I go out to the rural areas in Illinois its USCC. Which is why I was with Us cellular to begin with but now I have better service than ever and pay about $30/mnth less.
  2. LG G3 Stock KDZ Files

    Does anyone have the KDZ for the new update sent out yesterday? The new software version is 23a not sure what the changes were but device was much snappier after I got it
  3. New software download

    If your rooted it wont update OTA, but if you use the mobile suport tool it will update. You loose root after but it is not 6.0 MM
  4. Laf mistake

    You'll need the KDZ file and the LG Flash tool. I flashed a bad file before and got back to stock pretty easy. The thread is in the G3 Development forum along with more instruction...
  5. Deodexing stock roms

    Thankyou for your time on this. Just trying to help test it.
  6. Deodexing stock roms

    Yes Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  7. Deodexing stock roms

    Ok so I am trying this again but I used the original file in the OP. This time I am getting to the white uscc 4g boot screen but have been on that screen for close to 40min. Still not fully booted up. Keep waiting?
  8. Deodexing stock roms

    Can you explain the exact steps you took?When I did it I started by odining stock oh2 tar. I then installed twrp( via odin and booted into recovery. From there (with stock deodexed rom file in my microsd, 1.3gb file) I wiped everything(via advanced wipe) except the micro sd and usb-otg. I then installed the rom zip from micro sd, once complete it said no os installed but it booted anyway. When I tried this I started by odining stock oh2.tar , flashed twrp( via odin and booted into recovery. From there (with deodexed rom in my sd) I wiped everything (via advanced wipe) except sd and usb. I then installed the rom zip from sd, it succeeded, got warning about no os but rebooted and ..... I am stuck on samsung s4 boot screen. Previously I wiped cache and davlik after flashing the deodexed rom whick I thought was what I was doing wrong but....
  9. Deodexing stock roms

    Is there another rom I could install instead of going back to stock? Would it install from sd card or do I have to get back to stock and get root and super su installed first? Sorry for all the questions really new at this....
  10. Deodexing stock roms

    Coolasice said it should go right to uscellular white boot screen and it would take about 20min to boot but can't even get to that screen. Just stays at samsung screen and freezes like there is no OS. Could the file have gotten corrupted? Twrp said install successful. This is the 3rd time Ive tried.
  11. Deodexing stock roms

    I am using twrp recovery. Should I try a different recovery? Stock recovery? Not sure why its not working for me. I get the no OS installed notification also before I reboot but can't get past first samsung s4 screen..
  12. Deodexing stock roms

    I started over with a clean stock OH2 install , flashed twrp, wiped cache and davlik, rebooted, but I am still not getting past the samsung boot screen. Any suggestions?
  13. Deodexing stock roms

    Just want to clarify which file I should be using. Is the first one posted the one I should be flashing or the second one that has been uploaded here at team uscc? I have been using the second file posted by zenzr? Or are they the same?
  14. Deodexing stock roms

    One other thing... twrp notices that it isn't rooted and asks to install super su after you choose to reboot. Is this something I can do before rebooting or do it after as stated in OP.
  15. Deodexing stock roms

    We're you on oh2 stock prior? I would wipe entire phone again, all options (system, cache, data, internal data, dalvik) then flash again. If you haven't been on oh2 before it may not work and you will need to Odin oh2 first to update modem, bootloader and what not. I had that problem before when my system was not completely cleared. It should go right into the US cellular boot logo and stay there for about 15mins until finishing the initial boot. I was on oh2 before rooted with twrp recovery. I will wipe and try again. If not I will start from the begining... Thanks!