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  1. Updated PRL

    I noticed today that the PRL is now at version 15135. Unsure what the changes are.
  2. USC TV commercial

    I don't think the ad is too misleading, at least from a Wisconsin standpoint. In my area of the state (Tomah/La Crosse) US Cell has more towers than Verizon and I have difficulty finding a location without service. It's no comparison at all to Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T which generally only have sites located near the Interstate. In regards to the comment about poor coverage in northern Wisconsin, doesn't US Cell's home area end around Eau Claire and north of that is Cellular One or something? My family vacations in Bayfield County in the summer and our phones are always roaming once we get north of Eau Claire. Due to the limited population up north you're not going to see as many towers anyway. The part of the ad that scares me is how the guy is standing right in front of one of the panel antennas at each of the towers. Not a very healthy choice.
  3. About notifications

    When you unlock it will clear the notifications from the lock screen. You can still see some of the notifications afterwards by swiping down from the top of the phone and then hitting "Notifications" but they will no longer appear on the lock screen.
  4. New carrier settings update

    So after installing the update the only visible change I see is a new section under Settings -> Cellular called Cellular Data Network. Inside are fields for APN, username, and password. APN is set to usccinternet and the username and password fields are blank. There's also a reset settings button below the fields.
  5. New carrier settings update

    I have a 5S. It also showed up on my brother-in-law's 5S. If you go into Settings -> General -> About it'll prompt you to install the updated carrier settings.
  6. I see there's a new carrier settings update available. Anyone know what fixes/improvements this adds?
  7. I noticed on the US Cell website that the 4.4.4 update is available for the S4. My sister's phone is not showing the update currently. Has anyone received the update OTA as of yet? Pat
  8. You should be able to download the apps in iTunes and then copy the apps over to your iPod. The only issue that may arise is the later version of the apps may not function on the older version of iOS that your iPod runs.
  9. Invalid SIM error

    Well I tried reseating it so I'll see if that fixes the problem. If it still happens I guess I'll put some DeoxIT on the contacts and go from there. Thanks.
  10. Invalid SIM error

    Has anyone else seen the invalid SIM error on their iPhones? Ever since I got my 5S I've had the error show up at random times. It doesn't happen on a regular basis but it's annoying when it does happen. Rebooting the phone always fixes the problem so I'm not sure if it's an issue with the SIM card or some type of glitch with iOS or the phone itself. It seems to happen most frequently when the phone is in a low signal area. Just curious if anyone else has seen the same error.
  11. iOS 7.0.6 - LTE Issues

    Apple released the iOS 7.1 update today
  12. New PRL

    Pardon the dumb question but is it true that the PRL updates automatically on LTE devices?